Golden Nugget’s Craft Beer Festival will have more than 99 varieties of seasonal craft beers to sample.

1 You’ll have 99 problems, but a beer ain’t one. Are you one of those people who isn’t satisfied with a bar unless it has at least three dozen different taps to choose from? If so, Golden Nugget’s Craft Beer Festival is the place for you. With more than 99 varieties of seasonal craft beers from over 30 different breweries, you will be able to sample till your heart’s content without ever repeating a tap.

2 Beer won’t be the only thing in your belly. Sure, you could spend the entire day knocking back the brewskis, but you’d likely end up making a fool out of yourself telling some random aquantance who you just met how they are “the only one who really understands you.” To avoid such sloppy behavior, be sure to indulge in the variety of chef-inspired appetizers that will be available for the munching. A bit of food to soak up the suds will make your day go much smoother.

3 It will rock. Have you ever been to a great party that had no music? Neither have we. Neither has anybody, because great parties ALWAYS have great music and the Craft Beer Festival is no different. This year guests will be able to rock out to the sweet sounds of Seven Stone as they provide the soundtrack to the festivities. Expect classics, modern rock and all points in between.

4 There are some new VIPs in town. Think high rollers are the only ones who get hooked up with great deals in A.C.? Think again, because at Golden Nugget’s Craft Beer Festival police officers, firefighters and teachers are considered the real VIPs. And as such, they can enjoy discounted tickets priced at just $45 by heading to the Golden Nugget box office and showing valid credentials.

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