Trop Beach Bash 2018

1 It ain’t no one-night affair. In Atlantic City, far too many events are one-night-only affairs. Sure that’s great if you happen to be free that night, but if not, you are out of luck. But that is certainly not the case at Tropicana Atlantic City’s Beach Bash, as this event runs for a full 36 days, from Friday, Jan. 18, through Saturday, Feb. 23. Surely you are available to head down to Trop at some point during that stretch, and if not, you really need to reevaluate your life.

2 You can win big. If the idea of a summer themed winter party is not enough to get you through the doors, perhaps a few prizes will do the trick? This year some impressive winnings are up for grabs, including a five night getaway to the Isle Casino in Pompano Beach and for Trop Advantage members, a chance to win $1,000 in bonus slot dollars just by correctly guessing how many beach balls are displayed above Palm Walk.

3 It’s a great way to pretend it’s not a frozen tundra outside. We get it — the Northeast can be a really moody place to live. One moment you are splashing through the waves and working on your beach volleyball serve and the next you are bundled up like a human burrito, battling your way through whipping winter winds while wondering where it all went wrong. So any chance to mentally escape the cold claws of winter is a welcome one. And the general lack of windows in a casino make it the perfect venue to refuse to accept reality.

4 Their summer cocktails help to beat the winter blues. In case you need a few liquid props to help sell the concept that it’s summer, Trop’s bars have you covered with a list of summery refreshers that are sure to put you on a mental tropical island. Wet Willie’s is an obvious choice with their wall of frozen cocktails — which will be 15 percent off during the beach bash — but that is only the beginning. Look for beach-themed menu items and $8 mason jar drinks at Broadway Burger Bar, $12 fish bowl cocktails at Casa Taco & Tequila Bar and $5 classic mojitos during Cuba Libre’s happy hour. And that’s just for starters. Check each bar on property to see what deals they are offering for this special event.