Elijah Langford


Elijah Langford, 23, an Atlantic City native and Stockton University graduate, organizes philanthropic and charitable events to help people in need. Examples include: sponsoring and escorting 10 female cancer survivors to dinner in honor of breast cancer awareness month on his 22nd birthday; donating 100 book bags to First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz for their Hip-Hop Public Health initiative in New York City; collaborating with heavyweight boxing Champion Mike Tyson in donating coats to kids; participating in a bone marrow drive; spreading Christmas cheer by bringing NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal to Atlantic City to play Santa to deliver gifts to families affected by Hurricane Sandy. Elijah is also the 2016 NAACP Youth Award winner. His professional goal is to create and produce a television series about his philanthropic efforts and broadcast it for motivational use.