Many of you may remember the many times this column talked about lowering the dunes on Atlantic City’s beach. Each time Gov. Chris Christie came to Atlantic City and had a press conference, I would stand up and ask when they are going to lower the dunes. Gov. Christie was a little perturbed about the fact that I continued to ask the same question. Unfortunately, he never truly responded to it.

When Hurricane Sandy hit our island, the front section of our beach had no water from the ocean touch the dunes. Wonder why? There are those among us, particularly Tom Foley, Atlantic City’s former emergency management director, and this writer who believe that having a wide beach provided more protection than the dunes.

The Army Corps of Engineers replenishment project provided Atlantic City with a wide beach, wider than normal. Obviously, it played a role in keeping the ocean from coming up to the dunes when Sandy hit our shore. David Spatz, host of WOND’s South Jersey Edition, asked Dr. Stewart Farrell, Stockton College’s coastal research director, if the ocean touched Atlantic City's dunes. He said it did not reach the dunes.

Dr. Farrell also stated that the dunes are 14½ feet high. There are several areas along Atlantic City's beachfront where the dunes and the plants on them are higher than 14½ feet high. Take a look at the dunes between Montgomery and Jackson avenues and note that they are higher than 14½ feet. It is time to bring them down to that level so that people can look over the dunes and see the ocean.

Historic organ restoration

The president of the Historic Organ Restoration Committee, L. Curt Mangel III, expressed his appreciation to all of the friends who support the great pipe organs at Boardwalk Hall. He stated they had a very busy and productive year in 2014 and are keeping the momentum going for the rebirth of these two wonderful instruments, the Midmer-Losh and the Kimball organs. He noted they are blessed with a very talented group of people with whom he is honored to serve. They have worked tirelessly over the last year to make their shared dream a reality.

He expressed the board’s appreciation for the manner in which Global Spectrum, a subsidiary of Comcast Spectacor, and the management team at Boardwalk Hall for truly partnering with them from the moment they took over management of the Boardwalk Hall. He stated they are committed to the organs and their care and have helped immeasurably.

The Grand Ophicleide, the official journal of the Historic Organ Restoration Committee, stated that the Kimball organ is now playable with a restored console, a new control system and all of the ranks operational except for the brass trumpet, which has not yet been restored. Likewise, the Midmer-Losh organ has come a long way with a significant portion of the right stage chamber playable.

You have heard it stated here that the Midmer-Losh organ is the greatest musical instrument in the world. It is time to make this nation aware of the fact that this magnificent organ resides in the first building ever constructed with no supporting beams. Unfortunately, there are too many of you who are unfamiliar with this wonderful instrument. It is time that we make people around the world aware of the fact that we have the world's greatest organ in such a magnificent facility.

Sports at Bader Field

It is my understanding that Atlantic City will be going out for requests for proposals for Bader Field. In a recent talk, Mayor Don Guardian stated that there was an interest in providing five sports fields in Bader Field. This would be done for a five-year period. There are those who would like to establish this for varied tournaments, such as football, baseball, soccer, field hockey and other activities of interest to our young people. It would bring hundreds of participants, their families and friends to spend a couple of nights in Atlantic City throughout the year. Sounds good to me.

Garden Pier

Recently, Mayor Guardian talked about moving the Art Center and Historic Museum from Garden Pier. He stated he would like to see the development of restaurants and entertainment on the Garden Pier. This would bring additional revenue to the city and employ quite a few people. It is a magnificent sight and it could hold a couple of outstanding restaurants that would be available year-round. Just think sitting out over the ocean, smelling the fragrance of that fresh salt air as you dine with the windows open and entertainment outside for all to enjoy.

This corner thinks it's a great idea and hopes Mayor Guardian will make it become a reality. Bringing a project like this adjacent to Stockton College’s Island Campus and the Revel Hotel Casino would certainly enhance that area of the city that has been dormant for too long.

Street signs

For the past couple of years, the question has been raised as to when Atlantic City will replace the street signs that can hardly be seen. The CRDA had a couple of signs, but they were too big and heavy for the poles to hold. It is time to resurrect the concept of street signs. They could have LED lights in them so that people could see them at night and find their ways to and from their site of interest. This is just another phase of necessary items being discussed with no hint of resolving the problems that people find when they drive around Atlantic City. They can hardly see the signs holding up the name of the street. It can and should be resolved quickly.

No gas tax

At the present time, we are buying our gasoline at the lowest price we’ve seen in years. Remember when the price of gas was going up toward four dollars? We were told by food vendors, airlines, buses and other entities that they had to raise their prices due to the high cost of gasoline. The prices are now lower. Have you seen a reduction in the price of food, airlines, buses and other entities? The answer is a big NO. What can we do to make them bring their prices down? I do not know. Please let me know, if you know.

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