Pinky Kravitz

Pinky Kravitz

On Monday and Tuesday, a group of 140 area citizens gathered in the Wave Garage to establish a program that would establish a Creative Atlantic City. They gave up eight hours of their time on each of those days and pledged to assist in carrying out their recommendations.

The group discussed topics ranging from health care and law enforcement to arts and culture.

They also discussed how to encourage businesses and people to settle and invest in Atlantic City and how to encourage growth here.

Among the recommendations are to focus on health care and rehab services. Such facilities would not only encourage doctors to open offices in Atlantic City, they would lead to more visitors coming to the area.

Another group worked on how Stockton University can contribute to the sustainable development of Atlantic City — with students at the program connecting with existing organizations already in the city. There should be a career fair for locals and job-skill training, the group said. Students would also be encouraged to continue to live in Atlantic City after graduation.

There was also discussion about how the arts could be used as a tie-in for conventions that would bring in visitors. There should be galleries, film industry incentives and signature events — such as fashion shows, the groups said. Stockton could also develop a University of the Arts.

This was just a small portion of what transpired at the two days of meetings. The charming and delightful out-of-towners who brought this program to Atlantic City were thrilled with the response from the community. The people who were there were from various segments of our communities. Most did not know one another, and yet they worked together like a true team. They were respectful to one another. They may not have agreed with some ideas put out for discussion, but they paid rapt attention to what each and every person said.

They all had one thing in common. They care for this community and they came to help make it bigger and better. They will have further meetings to carry out the objectives stressed at each section of the discussions.

Their one basic goal is the re-establishment of Atlantic City as the Playground of the World. On behalf of our community, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation to those who brought this concept to us and for those who participated and will continue to do so.

Notes of interest

Atlantic City Restaurant Week commences Sunday and runs through March 7. There are 72 restaurants participating. It is your opportunity to visit some of the eating establishments you have always wanted to dine at as well as those that you have frequented. We are very fortunate in the quality of restaurants that we have in our area. I've been saying it for years and will continue to do so as they get even bigger and better. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.

This weekend, the Classic Car Show will be held in the Atlantic City Convention Center, from Friday through Sunday. This was started in Boardwalk Hall many years ago by a couple of local guys. It has become one of the biggest events held yearly in our Convention Center.

Are you're wondering why only a few streets have the new LED streetlights? It is because they were ordered Jan. 28 and we’ve been told that it will take approximately six weeks for delivery. Atlantic City Electric estimates they will be here March 23. That is when they will begin to bring the LED lights to the various portions of the community.

Once again there will be an Atlantic City Farmers Market, July through September, with 24 days at the Center City Park and 23 days at the Bartram Avenue Park. There also will be a continued series of Movies Under the Stars, July through August, with 24 movie days at various locations throughout the city. Both of these programs are a treat for the people in the local community.

The BET Boardwalk retail development located adjacent to the Boardwalk Hall, at Florida Avenue, has commenced work on its foundation. That is good news, as this project has taken a long time due to the various problems they have faced. Hopefully, they will be able to have a fine restaurant within their facility.

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