With a lucrative position as a cocktail server at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Melinda Schriver felt something was missing — a need to spend more time with her three children. After much planning and thought and a “hands on” approach to her new venture, it’s obvious Melinda made the right decision.

Naomi’s Café is a “family affair” with Melinda’s entire family working together to ensure you’ll always have great customer service and consistency with every dish you choose. The attractive and very clean restaurant is named after one of her daughters. Her oldest daughter Nyasia helps to manage the café and is the perfect server. Her son, Devante, who attends Atlantic Cape Community College’s Culinary School, is a cook. Father Robert Schriver takes care of errands and helps with everything, and Uncle Paul Luker is the dishwasher.

This family atmosphere and their welcoming nature has been key to Naomi’s success, and with Chef Timothy Schafle coming out of retirement from the area’s casino kitchens, the food is over the top.

Naomi’s Cafe, 801 Tilton Road, Northfield, 609-380-2865;

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