Kelsey and Kimberly Jackson are a husband-and-wife team who own and operate two local restaurants, Kelsey & Kim’s Southern Café and Kelsey’s Supper Club in Atlantic City. Both are native to the area, Kelsey, a graduate of Pleasantville High School and Kim, a graduate of Absegami High Sch… Read more

Margate Dairy Bar & Burger has four basic and wholesome objectives: 1) retaining tradition; 2) using only the best quality; 3) listening to customers’ desires and making them happen; and 4) providing families with a sociable and safe gathering place for providing cherished memories for m… Read more

When it comes to family-owned and-operated businesses in the Atlantic City region, few are as iconic as The Historic Smithville Inn. Founded as a stagecoach stop for weary travelers on the journey from New York to Cape May, the Smithville Inn has a long and storied history of hospitality. No… Read more

Atlantic City has changed greatly in recent years and so have its restaurants. Yet Angelo’s, located in the Atlantic City’s Ducktown section, is an Atlantic City favorite that has endured and flourished for three generations of the Mancuso family, making Angelo’s an Atlantic City institution. Read more

“I did not want my name on the restaurant,” says Sofia Papastamelos of her namesake restaurant Sofia of Margate. “I had more mythical names in mind, but my brother wanted a nice female name. ‘I know what I want to name it,’ he said. Since then it (the name Sofia) has become so popular. So ma… Read more

There’s a good reason why the Crab Trap is still one of the busiest restaurants at the Jersey shore after 50 years. The Wallace family has run this successful operation since 1967, with help from its excellent cuisine and well-trained, helpful staff. Read more