Margate Dairy Bar

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Margate Dairy Bar & Burger has four basic and wholesome objectives: 1) retaining tradition; 2) using only the best quality; 3) listening to customers’ desires and making them happen; and 4) providing families with a sociable and safe gathering place for providing cherished memories for many generations.

In 1952 the McCree family opened the Margate Dairy Bar as an ice cream shop that sold burgers as well. Over the years, there were various owners until 2003, when Christopher Clayton purchased the property and created a happy place for customers to socialize and enjoy great ice cream favorites. The business thrived until Superstorm Sandy caused structural damage, making re-building a must.

Already planning to return to the ice cream and burger shop of old, Chris moved the timeline for his burger/fries/shakes concept ahead with a major renovation and a rebirth of a bygone era, bringing Margate Dairy Bar & Burger “back to the future,” so to speak, by creating a “Googie”-style building (think “The Jetsons”) and giving families what was missing in the Downbeach area: a great burger option where quality reigns supreme.

Extensive growth in popularity, the summer months bring Mariska Clayton, Chris’ wife, away from her profession to become general manager and an integral part of its continuing success. Along with Chris’ son Christopher, now 11, who emulates his dad’s “customer satisfaction and friendly attitude” and inherited Chris’ passion and love for people. While not old enough to work, he’s become the “welcome ambassador” to guests, their dogs and families.

The Clayton family puts the community front and center and takes their commitment seriously. Opening at 11 a.m., bike delivery to the beach is a favorite as well as to homes and businesses. An integral part of the business, the employees have an average tenure of four and a half years and have also learned the “passion of pleasing."

Margate Dairy Bar & Burger, 9510 Ventnor Ave., Margate City,

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