Downbeach Deli

The Della Faves are continuing the good, old-fashioned tradition of Downbeach Deli and Restaurant in Margate.

In September 2015, Richard (Buddy) Della Fave purchased the iconic Downbeach Deli and Restaurant in Margate, where he worked since he was 15, learning the deli business from former owner Robert Hammerschlag. With a long history of good, old-fashioned comfort food, Downbeach Deli also specializes in a wide variety of healthy alternatives for those who don’t want to indulge themselves in deli delights. They take great pride in all of their homemade items such as their delicious salads, soups, knishes and spreads, as well as a great variety of cold cuts, hand-sliced Nova and lox, gluten-free salads, sandwiches and “bagelwiches” with smoked fish and cream cheese. Deli dinners from chicken pot pie to homemade brisket are also available. And don’t forget the complimentary pickles! Keeping the Downbeach Deli a family business is very important to Della Fave and many customers who frequent the deli because it’s a warm, comfortable, clean restaurant that is like home away from home, serving the finest Jewish deli for over 35 years.

Downbeach Deli, 8 S. Essex St., Margate,

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