There’s a good reason why the Crab Trap is still one of the busiest restaurants at the Jersey shore after 50 years. The Wallace family has run this successful operation since 1967, with help from its excellent cuisine and well-trained, helpful staff.

Outstanding service is paramount at the Crab Trap, where the bar, dining rooms and kitchen are spotless and the food is unsurpassed in quality on a consistent basis. Whether for a first date, a business function, a family gathering or a fun night out at Crabby Jack’s outdoor, bayside, island-style, deck bar, the Crab Trap suits all desires.

Nestled at the foot of the Somers Point-Ocean City Bridge overlooking the Great Egg Harbor Bay, the Crab Trap restaurant and lounge exemplify life at the Jersey shore and is now recognized as the premier seafood restaurant in the area.

Today, the Crab Trap prospers as a 400-seat, full-service restaurant serving the finest seafood in South Jersey. As many businesses expand, they often lose the quality and personal touches that made them special. At the Crab Trap, that will never happen.

The restaurant’s longevity is a true milestone that indicates its commitment to quality. Fresh seafood served in an old-time nautical atmosphere is also part of the appeal. But don’t let the name fool you. While the Crab Trap does, of course, offer a fine assortment of seafood delicacies, it also boasts an extensive selection of all types of fine cuisine, all complemented year round by the sounds of live musical groups and vocalists garnered from an extensive variety of music, from jazz and folk to easy listening on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays — and nightly during the summer months.

Events at the Crab Trap are a specialty. It’s not uncommon for families to spend holidays or special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Easter or New Year’s Eve here, as the Crab Trap can easily accommodate groups from 25 to 100 in their private dining rooms.

The seafaring theme prevails throughout the restaurant, with ships’ lanterns, wheels and seascapes among the décor, which extends into the bar and dining areas. During the summer months, music is also provided daily at Crabby Jack’s, the restaurant’s outdoor, patio bar where you can relax, sip tropical drinks and check out boats, windsurfers and wave runners while awaiting a table or having lunch or enjoying appetizers and light fare in the evenings. It is the ideal spot to have a frozen margarita, cold draft beer or your favorite cocktail, while overlooking the Great Egg Harbor Bay and the Ocean City skyline.

The restaurant’s maritime atmosphere befits its beautiful location, just a few minutes’ drive from Ocean City and other shore resorts.

The Crab Trap has come a long way over the last 50 years, but with Jack Wallace and his family still at the ship’s helm, working closely with the staff to ensure you have an exceptional dining experience, you can truly enjoy life at the Jersey shore at its premier seafood restaurant — the Crab Trap.

Crab Trap, MacArthur Boulevard and Broadway, Somers Point,