Atlantic City has changed greatly in recent years and so have its restaurants. Yet Angelo’s, located in the Atlantic City’s Ducktown section, is an Atlantic City favorite that has endured and flourished for three generations of the Mancuso family, making Angelo’s an Atlantic City institution.

Angelo’s Italian homestyle Atlantic City restaurant menu has aged like a fine Italian wine. Through the years, Angelo’s has become a favorite and known as a perennial gathering place for friends and a haven for the hungry.

In 1935, Angelo Sr. and Isabella Mancuso purchased a small bar with an even smaller dining room in Atlantic City. They began by selling only two items: fried shrimp and spaghetti with meatballs. They worked tirelessly side by side for over 50 years while raising their two children, Angelo Jr. and Nancy. Their home was an apartment above the restaurant. Eighty-two years later, Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern-still owned and operated by the Mancuso family-has flourished into a popular dining destination for both locals and out-of-town guests.

Angelo Jr., more commonly known as “Sonny,” joined his parents by working alongside in the restaurant and learning the tasks involved with owning a business. His father knew one day the business would become his son’s. Sonny, along with his wife Patricia, worked seven days a week as bartender and cook at Angelo’s until his death in 2009.

Over the years as buildings and private homes became available, that once-small dining room expanded into many larger rooms and additions that included a larger bar, various kitchen expansions and three banquet rooms, each with their own unique personality. Today Angelo’s consists of six dining rooms, three banquet rooms a large wrap-around bar.

Angelo and Patricia had five children, all of whom work in the family business. Angelo III runs the day-to-day operations and tends bar, as well. Barbara, Theresa, Patty and Michele are servers with other responsibilities such as baking, scheduling, payroll, organizing banquets, catering and managing the restaurant. Theresa and Patty also spent time in the kitchen cooking before moving to the floor to serve. The Mancuso family includes 16 grandchildren. Fourteen have worked or currently are working in the restaurant, in various positions such as kitchen help, busboys, hosts, bartenders and servers, making them the fourth generation to do so.

Having a family business has allowed the grandchildren and great grandchildren to work during summers, school breaks and after graduation.

Angelo’s has always been more than just a family business. Many Sunday dinners were shared here and special occasions were celebrated. The Mancuso family was raised in this establishment. We, the grandchildren and third generation of Angelo Sr., hope to continue the legacy that was created by our grandfather and father, with the help of the fourth generation.

Angelo's Fairmount Tavern, 2300 Fairmount Ave., Atlantic City,

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