Hang onto your sombrero’s, cause this week 50 Bites+ is taking you on a little trip south-of-the-border. We’re going on a taco safari, with four — that’s right FOUR different takes on the classic Mexican favorite at four different restaurants. It’s going to be spicy and tasty and you just might need a shot of tequila to wash it all down at the end of the day.

In case the name didn’t tip you off, Casa Taco & Tequila Bar at Tropicana Atlantic City is known for great tacos. And with your 50 Bites+ pass that is exactly what you will get, as their Chicken Taco is this year’s scrumptious Bite. Across town at Harrah’s Resort you can double down on your taco intake at Veracruz as they offer up a Carnitas Taco that happens to pair quite well with their incredible margaritas. Over at Back Bay Ale House taco No. 3 shakes things up a bit with a Korean Beef Taco that will make you wonder why Mexico and Korea don’t collaborate on more recipes. Finally a trip out of A.C. to Joseph’s at Renault Winery provides a taste of sophistication with their light and delicious Salmon Taco.

See ya next week for another round of Bites!

Need a 50 Bites+ pass? you can pick one up for $25 at acweekly.com/50bites.

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