As we all contend with the new normal of social distancing and major events being cancelled left and right, we understand that people might start to go a little bit stir crazy. And while we recommend taking all the safety precautions — staying away from large crowds, practicing good hygiene, etc. — we also know that we’ve got to eat. For those looking for something delicious, we recommend Levari’s Seafood & American Grill. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The package goods. Levari’s Seafood & American Grill is actually more than seafood and American bar food, it’s a packaged goods store. And let’s face it: there’s never been a more appropriate time to indulge in some packaged goods. The world is crazy, we’re stuck at home, and nightlife has ground to a standstill. Grab yourself a bottle of wine or a six-pack, and get your own personal, in-your-living-room-with-a-facemask-party started.

2. The chicken tenders. We know, chicken tenders are everywhere, how good could they be to get their own mention? That good. The chicken tenders at Levari’s are some of our favorites. Made with your choice of hot, mild, barbecue, whiskey barbecue, honey sriracha barbecue, spicy garlic old bay or teriyaki sauces, and served with blue cheese, celery and carrots, our favorites are the basic mild with a side of spicy garlic old bay as a dipping sauce. Go ahead, you’ll thank us later.

3. The takeout. You could always get your Levari’s chicken tenders to go, but now there’s even more reason to do it — there are only so many dinners you can make on your own. We recommend the French dip, one of their mouth-watering burgers or their famous crabcakes — which are fantastic as a sandwich or a dinner. For now, think of it as comfort food to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

4. The back bar. It’s not open now (nothing is) but we’re all looking forward to a time when we can hang out in large crowds and enjoy music at Levari’s back bar. Come summer, it’s one of the best places around for a not-too-crowded-but-definitely-fun-time place to watch a local band. Put this on your calendar for a post-coronavirus celebration.