For years the Oreo cookie was available in two “stuf” levels. Regular and (for those looking for a bit of extra indulgence) "Double Stuf," which took the crème filling level and doubled it. These options were all we had for several decades, but in the last few years, the folks at Oreo have spent countless hours in the food lab tinkering with the legendary cookie, eventually producing multiple options when it comes to the ‘stuf.’ In 2013, they introduced the "Mega Stuf" which contained three times the crème as an original Oreo and in 2015 the "Oreo Thin" was introduced, which was 66 percent thinner than a traditional Oreo and contained far less crème (and far less fun).

But for 2019, once again Oreo set their sights on indulgence, adding more crème than ever. The result is a cookie called “The Most Stuf,” which contains four times the crème of a traditional Oreo. With all of these options now on the market, Atlantic City Weekly Associate Editor Ryan Loughlin and Press of Atlantic City Meteorologist Joe Martucci set out on a mission to see which cookie provided the ultimate Oreo experience. Check out the video to see how it went!

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