It’s Week 3 now of the 50 Bites+ promotion, and we imagine most of you are really starting to work your way into the groove of this whole thing nicely by now. We hope you are running through casinos, lanyard in hand, or darting down the streets of the city and its surrounding area, high fiving bartenders and busboys as you pass them while hitting Bite after Bite, simultaneously ordering rounds of drinks, full-sized portions of your favorite Bites and, of course, tipping generously wherever you go.

That’s the way to do it, just in case any of you forgot.

Live it up, indeed, but be vigilant, as this time is but a short one. Fifty days goes by quickly, and if you have not planned your route wisely you will end up with a series of sad, unchecked boxes, each a symbol of a delicious Bite not tasted.

So follow us once more as we map out your route, making sure that in the end all Bites are bitten.

This week we have a quick sprint planned. Sometimes a fast batch of Bites is just what the doctor ordered. We start at Resorts Casino Hotel where a group of four glorious Bites await. Eastwind Noodle Bar sets us up first with their salt and pepper shrimp, a tasty and flavorful Asian favorite that feels like the perfect opening act. Next it’s off to make a quick stop at Ruby’s Dinette where they are serving up their hickory burger Bite. It’s a smoky treat and a nice prelude to our next Bite, the Soup Man’s pastrami sandwich — an A.C. take on a New York classic. For our final Bite in Resorts we head to the gorgeously picturesque Capriccio, where a taste of braised lamb with creamy polenta provides us the perfect heavenly farewell.

We’ve had a nice group of Bites, but this mission is not over. There is one Bite left and it lives in a little dive bar just off the Boardwalk called the Pic-a-Lilli Pub. This Bite is no ordinary morsel, and it stands alone in all its glory, much like the bar it calls home. It is a buffalo wing. But not just any buffalo wing — it’s a Pic-A-Lilli wing. A wing so mighty all other buffalo wings should bow their heads in respect to their leader, which we are lucky enough to devour on this last stop of the day. It’s crispy, it’s spicy, it’s a little sweet — it’s perfect. We wash it all down with one of their classic orange crushes and all is right in the world.

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