Just when you thought the area around Little Water Distillery couldn’t get any more hip, their new axe-throwing neighbor moves in and adds a whole other element of cool to this otherwise obscure part of town.

Westecunk Axe Throwing has officially opened its doors to the public. Located in the same building as their spirit-loving buddies at Little Water, Westecunk offers guests the opportunity to tap into their inner lumberjack and take aim with some old-fashioned axe throwing. In recent years, this old-as-dirt sport has come back to life big time, as pubs across the country have embraced the seemingly bad combination of axes and booze with great success.

But Westecunk is not a pub. And that’s a good thing. It means folks can bring their own libations — like from neighbor Little Water — and food to enjoy while hanging out for the evening. The space contains six lanes with targets for hatchet throwing, and trained staff are on hand to assist with throwing technique. Four flat-screen TVs showing live sports add to the atmosphere.

Westecunk Axe Throwing is located at 807 Baltic Ave., Unit C in Atlantic City.

For more info, go to WestecunkAxe.com.