Over the last several years, beach concerts in Atlantic City and beyond have entertained music fans up and down the coast. Some wondered why the abundance of country acts was needed, while others complained of the absence of top-notch urban acts. Many artists have been suggested for the shore’s summer 2018 season, but just about no one could have expected a reunion of one of the greatest rock acts of all time to take place this summer here in South Jersey on the beach at Cape May Point.

We have been sworn to secrecy, however, about releasing the band’s name and the show’s date — the concert’s producer wishes to do that via a banner plane procession over the Atlantic Ocean at 1:13 p.m. Sunday, April 1.

“All I can tell you is that the first word rhymes with ‘head’ and the other word rhymes with ‘jeppelin’,” says Reginald Ulysses Sirius — known as R.U. to friends — owner and president of the music production company Jammin’ Out to Koncertz Everywhere, or J.O.K.E.

“We expect hundreds of thousands of people to crowd the beach at Cape May Point at this summer concert. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tip of the state falls into the water from the weight of them all,” Sirius laughs.

This legendary group from across the pond — who hasn’t performed together for several years — will reunite with three of its original members. To fill the throne left vacant by the group’s late drummer, the band will feature local Brigantine resident Ray Schweibert on drums.

Schweibert’s percussion experience stems from playing the cymbals in his high school marching band back in the late ’70s.

“I met the guys in a bar, they bought me a beer and we hit it off,” Schweibert says. “They didn’t seem to mind that I’m a little rusty. Or that I don’t actually play the drums.”

Tickets will be sold online only beginning on Sunday. Prospective ticketholders must use a special code before even entering the ticketing site. That code is …

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