Sensamotion will perform a tribute to Bob Marley at Fakefest on Monday, July 8.

1 Time is on your side. Unlike most events in Atlantic City that are literally here today and gone tomorrow, Fakefest runs for a full seven days, from Monday, July 8, through Sunday, July 14. So it’s likely you’ll have a chance to head down and rock out at some point.

2 They like to mix things up. So you are more of a reggae guy? They’ve got you covered. Check out the Bob Marley tribute performed by Sensamotion Monday, July 8. Prefer the sounds of a classic rock legend? The band Refugee is at Fakefest Tuesday, July 9, with a flawless tribute to the late great Tom Petty. Classic ‘80s glam metal more your speed? Sounds like Completely Unchained’s tribute to Van Halen on Friday, July 12, will be just what the doctor ordered. And these are just a few of the many acts that will be at Fakefest this year.

3 You can probably afford it. We all have that one friend who cries poverty every time you ask him to go out. But those empty-pocket based excuses are not valid at Fakefest for one very good reason. It’s free! Yup, free. As in no dinero needed. So finish your last cup of ramen noodles and get in the car, because you got a show to get to.

4 You can’t beat the location. In the summer is there a better way to spend your time than sipping a drink and listening to some of your favorite tunes while enjoying a warm breeze and a stunning waterfront view? The answer is no. Therefore any night spent at Fakefest becomes a slam dunk.

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