Marissa Flatley

Manager, Animal House Grooming & Pet Supplies

Marissa Flatley, 35, is the manager of Animal House Grooming & Pet Supplies in Absecon. Marissa graduated from Rutgers University in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science.  Since graduating, Marissa has worked with animals in varying capacities. She is a seasoned veterinary technician working with both exotic and companion animals. At Animal House, Marissa has transformed a small pet store into a successful business that offers only adoptions. She has teamed up with HI-ARBOR Cares, Helping All Little Things and several local animal rescues in order to encourage an “Adopt, Don’t Shop” mentality. Marissa serves on the board of The Kibble Cupboard of South Jersey, a local non-profit pet food pantry where she helps manage monthly distributions of food. As a result of her work, Marissa and her husband Kyle now share their home with a menagerie of rescue animals.