Michael Einwechter

Owner, Schallus Construction; Co-Founder, Ventnor Coffee

Michael Einwechter, 36, is the owner of Schallus Construction, a third-generation building company. Michael is a great success story on addiction recovery. After a four-year drug-addiction battle, Michael lost everything including family and finances. In 2010, Michael sought recovery at Fresh Start Church, where he became an avid volunteer. After many lifestyle changes, Michael rejoined his wife Christine in 2011, along with Schallus Construction. Michael started Ventnor Tourism, a non-profit marketing organization in 2012. As president of the organization, he creates community events throughout the year with a team of volunteers. Michael is also co-founder of Ventnor Coffee, formed in 2013, a community-loving coffee-house experience for music, arts and life. Michael recently started a radio show, Ventnor Coffee Radio Hour on WPG 1450 and also volunteers video production for the 2016 Street Life Concert by Hansen Foundation.