Who Remembers Sinatrama?


Once again, greetings and salutations. Here it is, the first day of May; I’m looking forward to this year’s summer season, which will mark the 42nd year for Memories in Margate. Very exciting things are on the horizon — but right now, you’ve all got questions, so go ahead and ask the Geator!

Do you remember a bar in Philly called Sinatrama? (Ed Delaney, via Facebook) — The Sinatrama Room was a small place at 17th and Latimer dedicated to Frank, with Sinatra music, pictures, and memorabilia. I remember taking (Don) Rickles there when he worked the Celebrity Room. The bar was owned by a dear friend of mine, Big Bill Rodstein, who also had a place called Big Bill’s at Juniper and Locust.

Jerry, it’s only weeks to Memories — getting close. When is opening night? (Ratfinx Rat, Millville) Cannot wait ’til summer. Memories is the best. I met people there last year I haven’t seen in 50 years! (Janet, Philadelphia) — That’s the magic of Memories — the music brings people of all ages together and brings a happiness that has been a part of Memories for the last 42 years. I would have loved to do a dry run the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend at Memories, but I’m booked that Saturday night at St. James in Ventnor. But we will go full blast starting the following week — Wednesday through Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend (May 21-24). We’ll go live on Friday starting at 5pm on Cruisin’ 92.1 and then at 7, and all night long Friday and Saturday on WTKU Kool 98.3. And then that Sunday (May 25), look for Memories to open up at 4pm with our afternoon jam session, and then Sunday night the amazing, hottest band on the planet, Low Cut Connie, live, rocking all night long. This kid is destined for stardom, says Rolling Stone, so don’t miss it. Check my Facebook page, Facebook.com/Geator, and of course my ads in Atlantic City Weekly, for the lowdown.

I’m wondering if you could help me with a song that I heard on 92.1 FM, “You Should Wear an S on Your Chest” by Randi Wells. I can’t find anything on it. (Mary N., Philadelphia) — Sorry, never heard of it, but try calling Val Shively at R&B Records: (610) 352-2320. If it has ever been released on vinyl, he will have it. n

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