I stopped in at Egg Harbor Festhaus & Biergarten on a Wednesday evening. I almost drove right past it as it is located on an entirely residential street and frankly seems utterly out of place among the rows of unassuming homes. You almost question if it’s even real, as it looks like some… Read more

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I woke up at 7:30 a.m. last Tuesday and for some reason, despite the early hour, I was craving a burger. I thought if I ignored it all day, perhaps it would go away. It did not. By nightfall, it had progressed from a simple craving to an all-out obsession. By 8 p.m. it was time to and get th… Read more


1 You can rock out. At Eden Lounge, some of the top cover and tribute bands hit the stage each week. Everything from classic and modern rock to funk and disco can be found, depending on what night you show up. Located just an escalator ride from some of the most popular restaurants in Harrah… Read more

1 It ain’t no one-night affair. In Atlantic City, far too many events are one-night-only affairs. Sure that’s great if you happen to be free that night, but if not, you are out of luck. But that is certainly not the case at Tropicana Atlantic City’s Beach Bash, as this event runs for a full … Read more


1 There is some serious history here. Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant is an absolute institution. Having opened its doors in 1944, this World War II-era pub has steadily built its reputation over the last 75 years as one of the most enjoyable spots in the area to kick back and have a few drin… Read more


Sure, there are the tables and the slot machines, but for those of you looking for other great ways to spend a few hours in Atlantic City’s casinos, we have a few fun ideas for you. Read more

1 Beers are their specialty. Looking for a beer? They’ve got you covered. With more than 70 beers on tap Firewaters Saloon easily has the largest beer selection of any bar in the area. And if you like to drink local brews, they have 15 of them to choose from. It truly is a beer drinker’s paradise. Read more

1 It’s a great place to watch the game. While many bars offer TVs to watch whatever sporting event your heart desires, come football season Tailgaters has been known to rent a massive LED screen on a flatbed truck. Patrons can knock back a few beers and apps while a larger than life lineman … Read more


1 H2O Bar & Grille Located on the 6th floor of Golden Nugget Atlantic City, H2O is a gorgeous outdoor space complete with lounge seating, fire pits, amazing views and a great pool to cool off when the heat of the sun and the party prove to be too much to bear. Their “No Shower Happy Hour… Read more


1 Girasole — This spot is best known for its incredible Italian cuisine (some of the best in all of South Jersey), but in addition to the food, the folks at Girasole know their way around a delicious drink. This summer they have several tasty options, but our pick is the “Eve’s Mint Garden,”… Read more


1. HQ2. Before Revel’s demise, HQ was one of the most popular clubs in Atlantic City. And now it’s back. Combining both daylife and nightlife (referred to as the Beachclub and the Nightclub respectively), this space now known as HQ2 is a dream come true for fans of dance, hip-hop and EDM. Ex… Read more

1. The theme. The Pickwickian opened earlier this year, with a name that turned a few heads. For those who don’t know, the word Pickwickian refers to Charles Dickens’ character Mr. Pickwick of the “Pickwick Papers.” Mr. Pickwick is a generous, happy and rather fat man — whose likeness can be… Read more

1. It’s views are tough to beat. Most casino restaurants are windowless and dark, many of them tucked away from anything that might remind you of the outside world. But Chart House bucks that trend completely, offering up gorgeous views of the marina as well as the Atlantic City skyline. Read more

1. It’s not just burgers. Despite what the name says, this bar is more than just a spot for great burgers. Don’t believe us? Check the menu. Everything from pan-seared salmon to grilled cheese sandwiches to one of the tastiest bavarian pretzels you will find in all of Atlantic City are up fo… Read more

1. Its margarita is on point. The margarita may be the single most popular cocktail in America, but that doesn’t mean that most places actually know how to make a decent one. Luckily Veracruz does, as it goes the extra mile by using fresh squeezed lime juice instead of bottled mixes. The dif… Read more

1. It’s housed in the former House of Blues. When one of A.C.’s most beloved venues, the House of Blues, shut down, the Atlantic City nightlife and entertainment scenes suffered a huge blow. Now, years later, the space formerly used for the House of Blues is the new location for The Bourbon … Read more

1. The vibe. Firewaters in Tropicana recently underwent a major change in aesthetic. The bar now drives home a truly retro, Western vibe, with a wall decorated with bullhorns, Spaghetti Western posters and bar stools that look like the backside of a horse — and that’s not a euphemism. So, if… Read more