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Park Place and Boardwalk

Wild Wild West 609-340-2000 Thursday: The Way Outs, 9 p.m., DJ Rashaun, 8:30 p.m.; Friday: Crash the Party, 10 p.m., DJ Fly, 9 p.m.; Saturday: Evolution X, 10 p.m., DJ Aiden Scott, 9 p.m., Dancers, 10 p.m.; Th, F, Sa

Lobby Bar 609-340-2000 Saturday: Teddi Fusco; Sa


1 Borgata Way

Gypsy Bar 609-317-1000 Thursday: Lost in Paris, 10 p.m.; Friday: The Loop, 7 p.m., Lifespeed, 11 p.m.; Saturday: Shake Shake Shake, 7 p.m., Gypsy Wisdom, 11 p.m.; Sunday: Garden State Radio, 9 p.m.; Wednesday: Changing Lanes Duo, 9 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, W

Premier 609-317-1000 Friday: Politik; Saturday: Cheat Codes; Monday: Kid Conrad; Th, F, Sa, M


2100 Pacific Avenue

2100 609-348-4411 Friday: DJ Vito G, 9 p.m.; Saturday: DJ Rashaun, 9 p.m.; F, Sa

Nero’s 609-348-4411 Saturday: Jennifer Shieh, 6 p.m.; Sa

Caesars Lobby 609-348-4411 Friday: Caesar and Cleo, 7 p.m.; Saturday: Caesars and Cleo; F, Sa


Huron Avenue and Brigantine Boulevard

Rush Lounge 800-777-8477 Thursday: Dane Anthony, 8 p.m.; Friday: Steph & Jeff, 6 p.m., Geri Mingori Band, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Bobby & Kit, 6 p.m., Red Hotts, 10 p.m.; , Tuesday: Patty & Bugzy, 8 p.m.; Wdnesday: Lisa Bouchelle, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, T, W

The Wave 800-877-8477 Thursday: Jerry Blavat; Friday: Flashback Fridays with Nightrain (Guns & Roses Tribute); Saturday: Don’t Call Me Francis, 9 p.m.; Th, F, Sa

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

1000 Boardwalk

Lobby Bar 609-449-1000 Thursday: Rockets 4, 5 p.m., DJ Jason Weiss, 8 p.m., Se7en Band, 9 p.m.; Friday: DJ Nick Montone, 6 p.m., The Business, 6 p.m., The Rockets, 10 p.m.; Saturday: No Standards, 3 p.m., DJ Carm, 6 p.m., Daddy Pop, 7 p.m., The Benderz, 11 p.m.; Sunday: Daddy Pop, 5 p.m., The Neptunes, 9:15 p.m.; Monday: Crash the Party Trio, 8 p.m.; Tuesday: Crystal Roxx Trio, 8 p.m.; Wednesday: Gypsy Wisdom, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

Council Oak Lounge 609-449-1000 Friday: Nancy Malcun, 6 p.m., Kenny Curcio, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Nick Moccia Duo, 6 p.m.; F, Sa

Hard Rock Café 609-449-1000 Friday: The Amish Outlaws, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Van Hagar – Van Halen Tribute, 10 p.m.; F, Sa

Daer Nightclub 609-449-6432 Friday: So Dope; Saturday: DJ Esco; F, Sa

The Lounge at Robert’s Steakhouse 855-500-ROBERTS Friday: live music, 8 p.m.; Saturday: Late Night Cabaret in The Lounge, 8 p.m.; F, Sa


777 Harrah’s Boulevard

Eden Lounge 609-441-5165 Thursday: The Legacy Trio, 8 p.m.; Friday: Juliano Brothers, 9:15 p.m., DJ Rashaun, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Jumper, 9:15 p.m., DJ Kurteousy, 10 p.m.; Sunday: Big House Band, 9 p.m.; Monday: Dueling Pianos, 8 p.m.; Tuesday: The Best, 8 p.m.; Wednesday: Lights Out, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

Lobby Bar 609-441-5165 Friday: Luke O’Reilly Saturday: Rugh Kiang; F, Sa

The Pool After Dark 609-441-5585 Friday: Shift; Saturday: Justin Moreno (Daytime), Brody Jenner & Devin Lucien; Wednesday: Wet & Wild Wednesdays with Encore; F, Sa, W


500 Boardwalk

HQ2 Nightclub 609-783-8001 Friday: DJ Puffy; Saturday: Lost Kings “Lost Angeles Tour”; F, Sa

Amada 609-783-8001 Friday: live music, 9 p.m.; Saturday; live music, 9 p.m.; F, Sa

1927 Lounge & Speakeasy 609-783-8001 Thursday: Casino Lounge, 8 p.m.; Friday: Casino Lounge, 6 p.m., Speakeasy, 9 p.m.; Saturday: Casino Lounge, 6 p.m., Speakeasy, 9 p.m.; Sunday: Casino Lounge, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su

Villain & Saint 609-783-8001 Thursday: Quizzo; Friday: live music, 9 p.m.; Saturday; live music, 9 p.m., F, Sa


1133 Boardwalk

Bar One 609-344-6000 Thursday: Trivia Night; Friday: Allan Cassett, 6 p.m., DJ Serge, 10 p.m.; Saturday: One Hot Mess, 6 p.m., DJ Charles, 10 p.m.; Th, F, Sa

Five O’Clock Somewhere Bar 609-431-4100 Thursday: trivia, 6-9 p.m.; Th

Gallagher’s Burger Bar 609-340-6555 Thursday-Friday, Sunday-Wednesday: happy hour, noon to 6 p.m.; Th, F, Su, M, T, W


2831 Boardwalk

Kiss Kiss Nightclub 609-300-1615 Thursday: Montone; Friday: Reed Streets; Saturday: DJ Oso; Th, F, Sa

Okatshe: Sake.Sushi.Spinning 1-800-The-Trop Friday; DJ, 9 p.m.; Saturday: DJ, 9 p.m.; F, Sa

Boogie Nights 888-940-7080 Thursday: 90s Night Plus 2000; Friday; Stoplight Singles Mixer; Saturday: Primal Men Male Revue; Th, Sa

Cuba Libre The Quarter, 609-348-6700 Friday: Latin Fridays!; Saturday: Bailamos Sabados; F, Sa

Planet Rose Karaoke Lounge The Quarter, 609-344-6565 Daily Karaoke, 8 p.m. Th,

F, Sa, Su, M, Tu, W

Anthem 609-576-5206 Friday: Club Comedy, 8 p.m.; Sunday: Sunday Funday with DJ, Club Comedy; Wednesday: DJs, Club Comedy, 8 p.m.; F, Su, W

Tango’s 1-609-340-4000 Thursday: Sweet Talkers, 8 p.m.; Friday: All Souled Out, 7 p.m., DJ B lee, 11 p.m.; Saturday; Marquee, 7 p.m.; DJ Ahmed Khan 11 p.m.; Tuesday: Beth Tinnon; Wednesday: Steph & Jeff; Th, F, Sa, T, W

Firewaters Saloon 609-344-6699 Friday: Brian Clayron; Saturday; A Different Breed F, Sa


Fred & Ethel’s Lantern Light Restaurant & Tavern 1 N. New York Road, Smithville 609-652-0544 Friday: Jersey Duo; Saturday: Danny Eyre; F, Sa

Hi-Point Pub 5 North Shore Road, 609-641-3172 Thursday: Quizzo,; Saturday: DJ; TH, Sa


Anchor Rock Club 247 South New York Ave., 609-350-7140 Thursday: Thursday Night Jam Sessions with Lovelight & Friends with special guest Paul Baroli Jr. and Curt Eustace of Steal Your Face; Friday: Dr. Phil and the Heart Attacks; Saturday: Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root with Dirk Miller; Tuesday: Quasimodo’s Bride; Wednesday: WLFR Wednesday DJ Sessions; Th, F, Sa, T, W

Showboat Hotel 801 Boardwalk, 609-487-4600 Sunday through Tuesday: Fall Edition Hair Nation Expo 2019; Su, M, T

Bourre 201 South New York Ave., 609-246-6670 Saturday: A Norstep City-Wide Event for Charity; Sunday: Spread the Love Foundation Beef & Beer; Wednesday: Industry Night Featuring DJ Lielack & The Gooey Bros; Sa, Su, W

Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall 133 S. Tennessee Ave., 609-541-4099 Thursday; Rockstar Karaoke & Open Mic Night with Indelible Groove, 8 p.m.; Friday: Horde of One, 9 p.m.; Saturday: Frank Porter Duo; TH, F, Sa

The Rainbow Room 55 S. Bellevue Ave., 609-317-4593 Thursday: Hot Dog Happy Hour Thursdays, 4 p.m.; Friday: RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Party, 9 p.m., Jukebox Happy Hour Friday; Saturday: Free Pool; Sunday: Male Revue; Th, F, Sa, Su

The Claridge The Boardwalk & Park Place, 609-487-4400 Friday: Harvest Cooking Class; Saturday: DJ Dahve; F, Sa

Rhythm & Spirits 129 S. Tennessee Ave. Thursday: DJ Jason E Rock Revolution Party, 9 p;m; Friday: Citywide Charity Event; Wednesday: Hedwig & The Angry Inch, 8 p.m.; Th, F, W


St. George’s Pub 4282 Harbor Beach Boulevard, 609-266-1001 Thursday: Bar Bingo; Saturday: Karaoke; Wednesday: Trivia Night; Th, Sa, W


Crossroads Bar & Grill 151 Philadelphia Ave., 609-445-5211 Tuesday: Karaoke Night; T

Renault Winery 72 Bremen Ave., 609-865-2111 Friday: Wine vs. Wine, 7 p.m.; Sunday: Fall Classic; F, Su


LB One 6605 Black Horse Pike, (609) 645-7655 Friday: Jim Fisher; Saturday: Nick Nicholas; F, S

A Touch of Italy 6629 Black Horse Pike, 609-646-1855 Thursday: Baltimore Boys; Friday: Lisa Camp; Saturday; Rick & Laura; Tuesday: Doug Jennings; Wednesday: Lew London & Bob Mower; Th, F, Sa, T, W


Pitney Pub 200 S. Pitney Rd., 609-241-8906 Saturday: DJ; Wednesday: DJ DC & DJ SEV; Sa, W

JD’s Pub and Grille 45 S. New York Rd., 609-404-9000 Friday: live music; Monday: Bar Bingo; Wednesday: Quiz Show Trivia, 8 p.m.; F, M, W

The Smithville Inn 1 N. New York Rd., Smithville, 609-652-7777 Friday: Lenny Mitchell, 6:30 p.m.; Saturday: Lenny Mitchell, 6:30 p.m.; Sunday: Lenny Mitchell; Wednesday: Jazz Night, 7 p.m; F, Sa, Su, W

Mott’s Creek Inn Bar & Restaurant 200 E. Motts Creek Road, Friday: Paul Tozz; ; Saturday: Quasimodo’s Brid; Tuesday: Trivia; Wednesday: Bingo; F, Sa, T, W


DiDonato’s the Alley Bar & Grille 1151 White Horse Pike, 609-561-3040 Friday: DJ Larry; Tuesday: Quizzo, 7:30 p.m.; F, T

El Mariachi Loco 101 Bellevue Ave, 609-270-7224 Friday: Live Music; Saturday: karaoke;

Sunday: Live Music F, Sa, Su

White Horse Winery 106 Hall St., 609-270-1411 Friday: Food Truck Friday with Camille Peruto; Saturday: The Grouser Girls Sunday: Sara James; Th, F, Sa, Su


Johnny’s Café 9407 Ave., 609-822-1789: Friday: Bob Pantano Dance Party; Saturday; DJ Johnny Looch; Sunday; Benny Marsella; Wednesday: Benny Marsella; F, Sa, Su, W

Maynard’s Café 9306 Amherst Ave., 609-822-8423 Friday; live entertainment; Saturday: live entertainment; Tuesday: Quizzo; Wednesday: Bring Back the 90’s Quizzo; F, Sa, T, W

Sofia Restaurant 9314 Amherst Ave., 609-822-9111 Thursday: live music; Friday: live music; Saturday: live music; Th, F, Sa

Steve and Cookie’s By the Bay 9700 Amherst Ave., 609-823-1163 Thursday: light jazz; Friday: light jazz; Saturday: Joe Mancini; Sunday: Chris Sooy; Monday: Bill McGrady; Tuesday: Lew London and Chris Sooy; Wednesday: Joe Mancini and Friends, Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

Tomatoes 9300 Amherst Ave., 609-822-7535 Friday: DJ Luap; Saturday; DJ Sparkles; Sunday: DJ Sparkles; F, Sa, Su


Applebee’s Restaurant 700 Consumer Square, 609-383-9290 Wednesday: Quizzo, 9 p.m.; W

Brick House Pub & Grille 4450 Black Horse Pike, 609-837-2763 Thursday: Kontender Poker; Friday: Will Knapp; Saturday: Seven Stone; Sunday: Kontender Poker; Monday: Quizzo; Wednesday: Karaoke with DJ Michael James; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, W


The Anchorage Tavern 823 Bay Ave., 609-926-1776 Friday: DJ; Saturday: DJ; F, Sa

Applebee’s Restaurant 51 Bethel Rd., 609-653-2270 Friday: Bar Bingo, 8:30 p.m.; Wednesday: Quizzo, 9 p.m; F, W

Clancy’s By the Bay 101 East Maryland Ave., 609-927-6969; Friday: DJ Dance Party; Saturday: DJ Dance Party; Monday: Trivia Themed Bar Bingo; Tuesday: Karaoke; Wednesday: Quizzo; Sa, M, T, W

Caroline’s By the Bay 450 Bay Avenue 609-927-9007 Thursday: live music; Friday: live music; Saturday: live music; Sunday: live music; Wednesday: Open Mic hosted by Tribe; Th, F, Sa, Su, W

The Crab Trap 2 Broadway, 609-927-7377 Friday: live music; Saturday: live music; Wednesday: live music; F, Sa, W

The Doc’s Place 646 Bay Ave., 609-926-0404 Friday and Saturday; Dan Marro; F, Sa

Josie Kelly’s Public House 908 Shore Rx., 609-904-6485 Friday: 40 North; F

Gregory’s Restaurant 900 Shore Rd., 609-927-6665 Friday; Chris Yoder; Saturday; DJ; Wednesday: Tom Agello’s All Star Jazz Series with special guest performers Dave Hartle and Bob Ferguson,Trivia, DJ; F, Sa, W


Enlightened Café 6414 Ventnor Ave., 609-594-5283 Friday: Open Mic; F

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