“4/20” — the unofficial holiday that celebrates all-things marijuana related — falls on Saturday, April 20 (“4/20”). For those not familiar with the reference, “420” is stoner code for smoking weed. What is the significance of that number? Well, it relates to a long, somewhat confusing story from the 1970s involving a missing stash of pot, a statue of Louis Pasteur and a secret code invented by a bunch of high school kids, but the bottom line is 4/20 is a day where stoner culture takes center stage for a day. This year a pair of spots on Atlantic City’s Orange Loop are set to honor the day with their own 4/20 parties.

So if you midnight tokers can manage to get off your couch, shut off “Dark Side of the Moon” and put down that roll of raw cookie dough you’ve been eating with a spoon for the last two hours, these spots promise to make it worth your while.

1) Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall

The newest kids on the block have put together a stoner’s dream for 420. Beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday, their Shakedown Festival will feature a free live performance from the Grateful Dead tribute band Dead Reckoning in the outside beer yard alongside a lineup of cannabis inspired craft brews such as Stone Enjoy by 4.20.19, Dogfish Head American Beauty, Sweetwater 420 Strain:Mango Kush Wheat and New Belgian The Hemperor. Anyone getting the munchies will be pleased to find specials on jam band parking lot classics like grilled cheese sandwiches ($8 for either the pimento and roasted red pepper or three cheese varieties) and veggie burritos ($8). Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall is located at 133 S. Tennessee Ave. in Atlantic City. For more info, go to TennesseeAvenueBeerHall.com.

2) Bourre

Just across the loop from the beer hall sits their Cajun neighbor Bourre. Bourre has a 420/Easter party planned for Saturday with free live performances from 7 p.m. to midnight from bands such as Sacred Sword, Ill Rendition, The Valley Low and LNJ Sessions. Bourre is located at 201 S. New York Ave. in Atlantic City. For more info go to BourreAtlantic City.com

Tri-State Basset Hound Olympics in Ocean City

Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue hosted their annual Basset Hound Olympics on Friday, April 12, in Ocean City. A barrage of short-legged, long-eared, droop-faced hounds all competed in the games which included sprints, hurdles, high jumps and an obstacle course. The games serves as a warm up event for the Doo Dah parade which takes place Saturday and will feature over 500 hounds waddling their way down the streets of Ocean City.

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