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1 There is a lot to be honored. Ever been out at a bar or club and say to yourself “wow, this band is incredible!” or “this bartender sure can mix a drink”? Sure you have, and so have we. In fact, that is why Atlantic City Weekly’s annual Nightlife Awards were created in the first place — to honor all those who make the nightlife in and around Atlantic City legendary. Everything from dancers and DJs to dive bars and swanky clubs will be recognized for being the best in their categories at this year’s awards ceremony.

2 It’s not to be missed. The A.C. Weekly Nightlife Awards is easily one of the most exciting events of the year and this year’s show will be no different. Unlike stuffy, tuxedo-clad awards shows you may have seen, this one is a party. And why shouldn’t it be? We are celebrating nightlife! Once again we return to Boogie Nights at Tropicana Atlantic City, where the electrifying energy perfectly sets the stage for what’s to come. As of now we are still working on the official lineup of guests and entertainers, but you can bet it will be a night to remember. Expect spectacular performances including dancing, singing and more, along with the presentation of each award.

3 The battle begins now. While the A.C. Weekly Nightlife Awards aren’t until Feb. 21 the voting process begins Thursday, Dec. 6. And the best part is that YOU get to have a say in who takes home the honors!! That’s right, the nominees for the voters choice awards in each category are set by you. Got a DJ that makes you never want to leave the dance floor? Nominate him or her and then cast your vote. You can return and vote again every day until Jan. 31. Of course the staff of Atlantic City Weekly will also have a say, presenting the official critic’s choice awards on the same night.

4 You won’t have to pay to play. The Atlantic City Weekly Nightlife Awards are open to the public. No begging or bribing the doorman will be needed on this night as all are welcome. Of course there will be an exclusive VIP event with open bar and mouth watering munchies beginning an hour earlier, and for that you must be an invited guest, but hey you can’t have everything, right?

5 Did we mention voting begins today? Go to and cast your vote now.

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