1. It’s the best place to find live, original music. It’s no wonder that the Boneyard won the A.C. Weekly Nightlife Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Place to Listen to Original Music,” as it is the only place in Atlantic City that regularly features local bands playing their own tunes. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays you can find eclectic bands ranging from acoustic to metal lighting up the Boneyard stage. Check their Facebook page for weekly updates on musical acts.

2. It doesn’t sleep on weekdays. Though the weekends are the best time to catch the live music the Boneyard is known for, the bar manages to keep the energy up throughout the weekdays, as well. Monday open mics from 9 p.m. to midnight, Taco and Trivia Tuesdays with $1 tacos and drink specials, and Drink n’ Draw Thursdays where you can draw, paint or photograph a pin-up model, keep the work days interesting.

3. It offers over 30 different kinds of beer. Craft brews like Victory, LeinenKugel, NJ Beer Co., Yards, Tuckahoe Brewing and then some add to a more conventional list of taps like Budweiser, Miller and Yuengling. With nearly 40 brews available, there’s bound to be something to please every beer drinker. A fully stocked bar of wines and spirits will take care of the rest.

4. Its burgers are sky-high. The Boneyard has a reputation for stacking up some of the biggest, messiest “Mondo” burgers in town. Other notable menu options are their signature Thai Sriracha wings, a favorite among Boneyard frequenters, and their famous tacos.

5. It’s a welcome change of pace. Atlantic City is full of massive casinos that dominate the nightlife scene. However, the Boneyard, wedged in among its sky-scraping peers, offers a less-polished, but more authentic vibe for drinkers, partiers and music lovers to enjoy.

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