1 There is some serious history here. Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant is an absolute institution. Having opened its doors in 1944, this World War II-era pub has steadily built its reputation over the last 75 years as one of the most enjoyable spots in the area to kick back and have a few drinks and some bar snacks. There is a charm present in a well-worn bar that cannot be recreated in a new establishment and Charlie’s is dripping with it.

2 You need to try the wings. If you are new to the area and have not had the wings at Charlie’s, we will give you a pass (this time). But any long-time local that has not made a point of regularly heading down to order a batch of these insanely addictive wings needs to have their head examined by a qualified team of psychiatrists and neurosurgeons, because decisions like that just don’t make any sense. In other words, the wings are really good here. You should eat them.

3 Leave home without it. Charlie’s opened its doors at a time before credit cards even existed and simply never felt the need to add them as an option. So don’t expect to pay for your pints with plastic. Annoying? Yeah kinda, but fear not cashless millennials, Charlie’s has an on-site ATM just waiting to trade your drunken woes for a fist full of greenbacks. All it’ll cost you is a PIN number and (most likely) a service fee. While nobody enjoys paying a fee, it sure beats spending the night in jail after that failed dine-and-dash attempt. Next time, just bring cash.

4 Still hungry? While there has been extensive research done that suggests that late-night eating causes everything from weight gain to the existence of Gremlins, it can be hard to resist those cravings after knocking back a few tall ones. For that exact reason, Charlie’s keeps their kitchen open till the always-questionable-decision-making hour of 2 a.m. nightly. Indulge if you must.

5 Brews for youse. What kind of fools would we be to recommend a bar that didn’t have any beer? Luckily this is absolutely NOT the case at Charlie’s. In fact they boast 16 taps and more than 20 bottles for you to sample from. Each night expect to find specials as well, just to sweeten the deal a bit.

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