It’s been two years since Crossroads Bar & Grill opened up shop in downtown Egg Harbor City. Long enough to work out new business kinks and novel enough to still be a place people want to try for the first time. And trust us, you definitely want to try it, for the first time or the 100th. Here are five things you need to know about Crossroads Bar & Grill.

1 It’s helping to hold down the block. In addition to Leatherhead Pub, Crossroads Bar & Grill is one of two eateries holding down the block — specifically Philadelphia Avenue — in downtown Egg Harbor City. With a vibrant outside bar plus lawn games galore — think Jumbo Jenga and cornhole — Crossroads brings lots of life to the neighborhood, and lots of fun both inside and out. Get there on Tuesdays for karaoke and occasional live music on Saturdays.

2 They have fully utilized pork roll. Living in South Jersey, you almost certainly have a fondness for pork roll. Pork roll and cheese. Pork roll, egg and cheese. Or plain old pork roll. But what you haven’t tried, what we hadn’t even considered, is the Crossroads Bar & Grill Jersey Cheesesteak, made with steak, cheese, and chopped up pork roll, all served on the deliciousness that is garlic bread. Served with fries, this $12.99 food extravaganza is a Jersey food lover’s dream.

3 They are experts in mammoth concoctions. Whether it’s cocktails or lunch, the guys behind Crossroads Bar & Grill are geniuses when it comes to creating epic concoctions. The 911 Burger ($13.99), is topped with mac & cheese bites, bacon, jalapenos, cheddar and mozzarella sticks, a chipotle drizzle and served with a side of fries — as if you need a side on a sandwich that size! If you want that kind of goodness in a glass, try the Chachi ($11.50), a 32-ounce cocktail made with blueberry and lemon vodkas, cranberry juice, lemonade and Razzmatazz liqueur. Delish with a capital D.

4 They’ve got a great happy hour. Want to know what’s better than a happy hour? A five-hour happy hour that happens every single day. Happy hour at Crossroads Bar & Grill lasts from 1 to 6 p.m. Sundays through Saturdays with select $5 apps and discounted sandwiches, along with $5 wines, $5 Skyy Vodka, and $4 22-ounce Miller Lite Drafts. There’s no reason to miss it and every reason to get there.

5 They keep the beer flowing. It is a bar, after all, so the beer has to be a draw. And with 10 beers on tap, with a rotating selection of three or four, Crossroads has what it takes to keep beer lovers firmly in their seats. Currently serving Corona Light, Garden State Blueberry Wheat and Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA, a fruity brew perfect for summer, with long standing favorites like Miller Lite and more.

Crossroads Bar & Grill; 151 Philadelphia Ave., Egg Harbor City; find Crossroads Bar & Grill on Facebook

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