1 Beers are their specialty. Looking for a beer? They’ve got you covered. With more than 70 beers on tap Firewaters Saloon easily has the largest beer selection of any bar in the area. And if you like to drink local brews, they have 15 of them to choose from. It truly is a beer drinker’s paradise.

2 They’ve had a makeover. For years Firewaters Saloon was simply known as Firewaters. But back in January they went through a drastic redesign, taking on a reto-Western theme. The new look features bullhorns on the wall, funky old spaghetti Western posters, a 7-foot tall bear statue and bar stools that are unlike any you have seen — unless you regularly seat yourself on the business end of a horse that is.

3 You don’t have to stay seated. If you are itching to hit the dance floor, Firewaters makes for a nice change of pace from the typical casino club scene. With live acts like The Glenn Roberts Band regularly performing country music onstage, you can expect to hop in on some line dancing and have a hootin’ hollerin’ good time!

4 Can’t dance in line? No problem. If line dancing seems intimidating to you, no need to worry, as Firewaters Saloon actually offers free line dancing lessons. All you have to do is get there a little early (8:30 p.m. on most nights that offer live country music) and you can learn all you need to know to cut a rug — country style.

5 They made the cut for 50 Bites+ You gotta be good to make it on the list of A.C. Weekly’s 50 Bites+, and this year this little snack at Firewaters Saloon came charging at us like a bull in a rodeo. Their pepperoni and jalapeno cheddar bites will knock your socks off with a spicy, smoky one-two punch, courtesy of both the meat and the cheese in this mighty pair. But don’t worry, just as soon as your tongue has taken all the spice it can handle, in comes the familiar crunch of a saltine cracker — yup, the same kind you got at grandma’s house and the nurse’s office in elementary school — to round things out. Can you say “unforgettable?” Grab your 50 Bites+ pass today at ACWeekly.com/50Bites to chow down on this and 68 other glorious Bites.

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