1. The opening. Egg Harbor Township is home to the newest addition to the brewery boom: Hidden Sands Brewing Company. Excitement has been growing about Hidden Sands for a few months now, and it’s finally ready to open its doors 11 a.m. Friday, Jan 12. The Grand Opening will include tastings, food trucks, football, growlers for sale and more.

2. The inspiration. The name “Hidden Sands” refers to the “800 Foot Sands” aquifer, which is part of the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer system that rests below most of South Jersey. This portion of the aquifer provides the most important ingredient of the beer, the water, which is estimated to have been stored there in pristine condition for 20,000 years.

3. The equipment. Hidden Sands boasts a Siemen’s Braumant fully automated, oversized 20 barrel 4 vessel system. This sophisticated and rare piece of equipment allows for consistency in the brews, which “ensures that great tasting beer you experience at the Egg Harbor Township brewery is the same each time you visit and order a glass at your local pub,” according to the folks at Hidden Sands.

4. The brewmaster. Luke Lindsey was recently named brewmaster of Hidden Sands, carrying out the core brands that founder Mike LaRosa initially established for the brewery. Lindsey has experience from such breweries as Victory, Southern Tier, Lagunitas and North Country, and has worked as a brewing supervisor at Sam Adams. He is also a chemist, an asset he will bring to Hidden Sand’s lab.

5. The brews. Hidden Sands is ready to serve up a handful of brews to thirsty customers. Among them are the 800 Foot Pils (5.5 percent ABV), a pilsner brewed with German Pilsner Malt and hopped with a blend of Hallertau and Tettnager that will bring out the freshness of the water; Sandy Blue Pale Ale (4.8 percent), which draws inspiration from blueberry donuts with a light bitterness, heavy hops and blueberry and cinnamon flavors; and the 107 Foot IPA, brewed with New Jersey Pine Barrens needles to create a piney taste with mild fruitiness.