1. You’ll be able to meet the performers. Off the Record is a boutique music festival, which means it will be even more interactive than others of its creed. Focusing on guest experience, all attendees will be able to meet the artists performing at the three-day festival, which will return to the Claridge Hotel for its second year Thursday to Saturday, June 1 to 3.

2. Don’t miss the late-night jam sessions. Contributing to Off the Record’s intimate feel will be the late-night jam sessions held nightly at one of the Claridge’s private lounges. These informal gatherings will begin around 1 a.m. and allow the performers and guests to hang out and even play together. Plus, the comfortable lounges with feature a full bar and dance floor.

3. The musical lineup is impressive. Off the Record has booked a ton of great acts to entertain at the festival. The most notable artists include T.F.D.I., performing 10:30 p.m. Friday; Mark Broussard, performing 10:30 p.m. on Saturday; and Paul Pfau, best known for his appearance on Season 8 of “The Voice,” who will perform 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

4. The drinks are themed. The drink menu for the weekend will feature a fun twist to your standard cocktails. Off the Record has themed drinks to match a few of the main artists. Marc and Ted Broussard’s is a Hurricane (rum, juice, syrup); Hey Monea’s is a Lynchburg Lemonade; T.F.D.I.’s is a Harvey Wallbanger (vodka, triple sec, and orange juice); Killer Deluxe’s is an Orange Whip (rum and vodka, mixed with cream and orange juice); and Paul Pfau’s is a classic Redbull and vodka. Get one for $10.

5. The bar bites are sophisticated. Absorbing that much live music can work up an appetite, and the VUE’s menu will fill you up with bites a notch above your standard bar fare. Items like cheesesteak spring rolls, shrimp cocktail and hummus platters will be available. If these slightly more refined options aren’t for you, don’t worry — you can get a plate of wings, too.

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