1. Pier is more than just a name. Situated just outside of the Showboat Hotel, Pier AC is literally a pier, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. Pier AC just opened last week and calls itself “Atlantic City’s newest destination for social gatherings, special events and water activities.” The latter part of that statement is courtesy of the AC Surf School, of which Pier AC has a partnership with, bringing folks board rentals, surfing lessons and stand up paddle boarding.

2. Catch a piano duel. Though popular in cities, few places in the area offer entertainment in the form of dueling pianos. So, Pier AC is filling that void with dueling pianos every other Wednesday — the next time to catch them is 9 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 16. Listen to the music and enjoy $5 Jack Daniel’s shots and single mix drinks all day.

3. The party starts on the weekday. Throughout the month of August, Pier AC has events scheduled to get you through the work week. Mondays see DJ Case Ace at 2 p.m. and “Service Industry Day Drinking” specials, with $3 drinks for service industry professionals. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are “Rum Days,” featuring $5 rum drinks. On Wednesdays and Thursdays stop in for $5 Jack Daniel’s drinks, and on Thursdays and Fridays for “Thirsty Thursday” drink specials.

4. The drink menu features buckets, blends and beer. Expect your typical summery cocktails, shooters and shots at Pier AC, along with some icy offerings straight from the blender. Drinks like the Blue Lemonade ($9) with Skyy vodka, Skyy blueberry vodka, Blue Curacao and lemonade, and the Dirty Banana ($9) with Cruzan white rum, Cruzan banana rum, Kahula and half and half, will cool you down when the day gets hot. An impressive beer list and $15 buckets, for those willing to share, are also available.

5. The booze is bearable. Ever order a well drink at a bar only to receive what tastes like rubbing alcohol with a splash of juice? There’s no danger of that at Pier AC. Its well drinks are spirited with brands like Skyy, Jack Daniel’s and Hendrick’s, so you’re safe no matter what you order.

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