Only the best eaters can take on the enormous Pittsburger at Tailgaters.

1 It’s a great place to watch the game. While many bars offer TVs to watch whatever sporting event your heart desires, come football season Tailgaters has been known to rent a massive LED screen on a flatbed truck. Patrons can knock back a few beers and apps while a larger than life lineman crushes the quarterback.

2 Northerners are welcome. While most sports bars in the area are still suffering from Eagles fever, Tailgaters owner Ari Fraggias is a proud fan of New York Giants. So any transplants from North Jersey can feel perfectly comfortable in his bar at all times cheering on Big Blue or the Bronx Bombers. Of course, Eagles fans are welcome too, as long as they understand that one lousy ring does not prove anything.

3 Their burgers are legendary. After spending much time complaining that a perfectly cooked medium-rare burger could not be found in Atlantic County, we were introduced to the bounty of awesome options at Tailgaters. Each is a half-pound of 100 percent Angus beef cooked exactly how you like it.

4 But one burger is a real challenge. For those looking to not only have a great meal but to brag about it afterwards, Tailgaters offers the Pittsburger Challenge. This meaty monster consists of six half-pound burgers stacked high with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and an onion ring on top and served with a side of fries. It’s over 3 pounds of meat alone, and if you finish it within 30 minutes you get a T-Shirt and your picture on the Tailgaters social media pages.

5 Their taps are on point. Few things are worse than going to a sports bar only to find they have nothing but Coors Light and Miller on draft. Luckily, at Tailgaters this is never an issue, as they have multiple handles of local craft beers that rotate regularly along with a nice list of bottles and cocktails.

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