The Pickwickian

The Pickwickian has more going for it than just a killer happy hour.

1. The theme. The Pickwickian opened earlier this year, with a name that turned a few heads. For those who don’t know, the word Pickwickian refers to Charles Dickens’ character Mr. Pickwick of the “Pickwick Papers.” Mr. Pickwick is a generous, happy and rather fat man — whose likeness can be seen on the Pickwickian Tavern & Smokery’s sign, as a plump, balding gentleman in Victorian dress holding a beer and a dressed pig’s head, ready to welcome hungry wanderers. But don’t let that fool you — The Pickwickian is as approachable and casual as any sports bar, and often has specials on the days of big sporting events and holidays.

2. Live music. Like many local bars, The Pickwickian has dedicated itself to supporting the local arts scene. Though there is no set schedule, The Pickwickian has live music on Saturday nights. From musicians just starting out to established Jersey shore favorites, the performers at the Pickwickian are sure to kick the fun up a notch on your Saturday night.

3. Happy hour. No local tavern would be complete without a killer happy hour. The Pickwickian’s runs from 3 to 6 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, and food specials include 10 wings for $8, $7 Wisconsin cheese curds, $8 Big Jen burgers and $10 mussels in red or white sauce. Drink specials are $2 off all house liquor, beer and wine and $2 Rolling Rock bottles.

4. The smokehouse. A big part of The Pickwickian experience is chowing down on a massive plate of smoked meat — after all, smokery is in the name of the restaurant. All of the smoked meats here are slow cooked for 12 to 14 hours and are hand carved and smoked. Options include Black Angus brisket, pulled pork, duck, turkey breast, premium cut ribs and hand-stuffed sausage, and each can be served with a signature sauce or dry rubbed. Call a day in advance to take advantage of their suckling pig or smoked pig head options, as well.