veracruz 1

1. Its margarita is on point. The margarita may be the single most popular cocktail in America, but that doesn’t mean that most places actually know how to make a decent one. Luckily Veracruz does, as it goes the extra mile by using fresh squeezed lime juice instead of bottled mixes. The difference is night and day. A great tequila selection rounds out the options for this drink nicely.

2. It’s all about the tapas. Yes, it’s been trendy for a while, but you have to admit that heading out with friends and sharing multiple small plates makes for a good time (and a chance to sample a great variety of flavors). Veracruz specializes in a fusion of Mexican and Spanish cuisine and serves some of the best small plates in town, with everything from tacos to short rib empanadas, not to mention a guacamole with lump crabmeat that has to be tasted to be believed.

3. The views are stunning. If you prefer a bit of scenery with your meal, we suggest you request a window seat here, as Veracruz offers a seriously gorgeous view, thanks to a giant wall of floor to ceiling windows that looks out over the marshlands. Watch the seagulls fly and the sun set while you sip a killer cocktail and forget that your troubles ever existed in the first place.

4. Bring your date. Picking a spot to take a date can be tricky, as atmosphere is obviously important to set the mood. At Veracruz, the bar area makes for the perfect spot to start your night with its dim, shadowy lighting and enchanting vibe providing the ideal backdrop for quiet conversation. Plus, it makes for one- stop shopping, as you can follow your drinks with dinner and then head downstairs to Eden Lounge and dance to live music from some of the top bands in the area.