Works such as the one above by the late Nicola Simbari are part of the exclusive collection being shown at the Holtzman Gallery at the Katz JCC through June 5.

Holztman Gallery is going down — downbeach, that is.

Touted as the world’s largest fine art gallery and home to regional, national and international artists — with names such as Anthony Quinn, Steve Kaufman, Shorya Mahanot, Alberto Becerra, Lorrie Caplan, Charles Fazzino, Nicola Simbari, John Lennon and Alexander Sharkey — Holtzman Gallery moved out of The Claridge Hotel last fall and into the loggia of the Ocean Club Condominium in Atlantic City, where it is presently a private gallery for condo residents, but open to the public by appointment.

“It’s been a gradual transition getting everything out of there (The Claridge),” says Owner David Holtzman. “The loggia on the sixth floor is a big space … the lighting is unreal.”

However, not long after that move, Holtzman then began to also take over the exhibit space at the Katz JCC in Margate.

In honor of the latest home for this world-renowned artwork, Holtzman is presently hosting an exhibit highlighting the “best of” the originals and high-quality reproductions from The Holtzman Gallery at The Claridge through June 5.

“This first versatile collection of art combines locals with internationally famous artists. It’s an exclusive selection of artists that I’ve represented through the years,” Holtzman says. “It was never done at the JCC and rarely done outside of The Claridge. And I’ve been itching to do it here.”

Holtzman has a long history with the JCC starting from when he assisted with creating its brand identity years ago.

“There are some great people there. The demographics there are so different than what people think. They are open to everyone. And they do a lot for the arts.”

This exhibit will showcase many of the artists from The Claridge like the aforementioned Quinn, as well as fellow actor Burt Young, in addition to Becerra, Caplan, Simbari, Fazzino — of whom Holtzman has two of his 3D works, one of A.C. and another of Philly — plus, the now 10-year-old Mahanot, whom Holtzman has carried since he was 6.

“I met him when he was 6, but he began painting at 4,” Holtzman says of Mahanot, who lives in India. “Now he’s 10, and his father and I have had discussions where he wants me to represent him nationally.


The Holtzman Gallery has carried the work of 10-year-old artist Shorya Mahanot, above, since he was 6.

“Shorya’s idol was Jackson Pollock, which is pretty interesting because he was only 4 when he started. There’s definitely an old soul in a child’s body.”

Holtzman says that a buzz surrounding this current exhibit can already been heard.

“There’s already been a lot of activity in and out, and a lot of people are talking about the show already,” Holtzman remarks. “The prices I put on them are really good … there are some really good numbers on these pieces now. It’s something I didn’t do at The Claridge at all.”

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