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Real Estate Transactions The following transactions of $50,000 or more are compiled from information filed with Atlantic and Cape May counties in the month of March 2007 (transactions may have occurred in an earlier month). Names listed may, in some cases, be the names of buyers' or sellers' representatives. Atlantic County listings are presented in last name, first name order.


23b Oyster Bay Road, Khan Ahsanul and Khan Fahmida to Haas Eugene on 3/1/2007 for $160,000

712 N Shore Road, Dingler Dale and Dingler Joy and Dinkus LLC and Stankus Christopher and Stankus Theresa to Given Kathleen A and Given Kelly J on 3/2/2007 for $340,000

25g Oyster Bay Road , Rogers Althea L to Magruder Stephanie and Magruder William on 3/2/2007 for $100,000

56 Delray Lane, Beazer Homes Corp to Dozor Karen and Dozor Stephen on 3/6/2007 for $230,475

36 Vail Court, Backer Carol to Sapp George on 3/6/2007 for $199,900

10d Oyster Bay Rd, Oyster Bay Inc. to Lippman Mark J on 3/6/2007 for $144,900

13 W Lee Avenue, Beresik Christian to Ireland Erik on 3/6/2007 for $236,500

53 East Woodland Ave, McGrath Gail M, -ind&atty and McGrath Michael R and McGrath Richard C, /Atty. to Dargenio Phyllis and Saul Daniel and Saunders Pamela on 3/7/2007 for $165,000

1108 Breakers Ave, Fetter Helen N and Fetter Ronald E, /Heir to Shreiber Milton on 3/9/2007 for $255,000

3a Oyster Bay Road, Rathod Umeshwari to Perera Virginia on 3/13/2007 for $150,000

13 Sooy Lane, Lacovara Mary Ann and Lacovara William to Abusada Graciela on 3/14/2007 for $202,500

51 East Woodland Avenue, Kazakoff LLC and Kazakoff Nicholas to Gleason James W on 3/16/2007 for $177,950

48 Ables Run Dr, Beazer Homes Corp to Jester Bruce W and Jester Kathleen E on 3/19/2007 for $267,504

801 Marlborough Ave, Heck Kirschman Rachael and Kirschman Oliver R, III and Kirschman Oliver, III and Kirschman Rachael and Kirschman Rachael Heck to Reyes Edna E on 3/20/2007 for $235,000

315 Coolidge Avenue, Warner Rachel L to Patten Kathryn and Patten Mark on 3/21/2007 for $222,000

77 East Woodland Avenue, Wardle Robin W to Harrigan Nancy on 3/21/2007 for $171,500

127 W Faunce Landing Road, Hartwell Charles W and Hartwell Sandra to Waldmann Charles F, III on 3/21/2007 for $150,000

95 East Woodland Ave, Anderson Elaine L, -Exrx. and Vasile Martha L, /Exrx. to McGinley Christina M and Rasiul Edward F, Jr. and Rasiul Leona R on 3/29/2007 for $183,000

10g Oyster Bay Road, Oyster Bay Inc. to Parra Mayoli A on 3/29/2007 for $170,000

Atlantic City

Brighton Towers Condo Unit 201, Polizzi Anthony and Polizzi Janette M to Li Jie on 3/1/2007 for $137,000

203 N Montpelier Ave, Le Tony to Mughal Yasir S on 3/1/2007 for $310,000

1405 Madison Ave, Carabali Fredy to Daisey Christine on 3/2/2007 for $210,000

123 N Kingston Ave, Castillo Rosanna Salce and Salce Castillo Rosanna to Bourne Frannette and Bourne Rodman on 3/2/2007 for $315,500

655 Absecon Blvd #709, MacCannell H Millicent and MacCannell William A and Melanson Charlotte to Kendall Brian and Kendall Kayo on 3/2/2007 for $65,000

311 Brighton Towers Condo, Johnson Leon A to Johnson Robert on 3/2/2007 for $110,000

336-338 Pacific Ave, Torrence Anglyn, /Admr. and Torrence Curtis, -Ind. & Admr. and Torrence Eddie Lee to Cardona Paz Wilmer and Paz Wilmer Cardona on 3/2/2007 for $251,750

33 South Iowa Ave Unit B1, Raab Rozalia to Arnold Russell M on 3/5/2007 for $93,700

3106-3108 Atlantic Ave, Usa Forms Inc. to Lee Sung Ok on 3/5/2007 for $750,000

3817 Ventnor Avenue Unit 403, Schuster Ann to Kausar Sayed on 3/6/2007 for $121,000

4501 Atlantic Ave Unit B4, Weisberg Bonnie and Weisberg Robert A to Joseph J Craddock Inc. on 3/6/2007 for $66,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2011, Hyatt Howard and Hyatt Marsha to Manoogian Michael J on 3/6/2007 for $230,000

100 S Berkley Unit 10j, Rooklin Anthony R and Rooklin Barbara to Gohen Mark and Lewis Lyons Irrevocable Ins. Tr and Lyons Lewis,/Tr. on 3/6/2007 for $315,000

811 Fisher Ave, Deutsche Bank Natl. Tr. Co. and Long Beach Mtg. Loan Tr. 2005 2 and Washington Mutual Bk to Capazzolo Philip and Lewis Richard on 3/6/2007 for $67,900

354 North Harrisburg Ave, Rodriguez Lidia A and Rodriguez Rene to Ocasio Manuel, Jr. on 3/7/2007 for $198,000

2 South Hartford Ave E5, Khatiwala Jaybala and Khatiwala Pravin to Bernardini Fred on 3/7/2007 for $149,900

526 Pacific Avenue, Caracciolo Frederick and Schiff Abraham and Schiff Jason and Schiff Leah and Schiff Sheryl to Mumola Michael D on 3/8/2007 for $365,000

411 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Tran Thuong Thi to Dang Tuyet Lan Thi and Dang Tuyetlan T on 3/8/2007 for $115,000

2323 Arctic Avenue, Galindo Israel and Galindo Luisa to Aparicio Lili M on 3/9/2007 for $350,000

2141 Kuehnle Ave, Zebrowski Bette J and Zebrowski Jerome F to Osprey Estates LLC on 3/9/2007 for $400,000

341 N Tennessee Avenue, Atlantic City Prop Inv Group LLC and Sakhai Ned to City View Atlantic City LLC on 3/12/2007 for $2,169,600

1911 Magellean Ave, Atlantic City Housing Auth. and Urban Redevelopment Agency to Wells Janice and Whittingham Horace on 3/12/2007 for $145,000

30 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Mai Jian Yong to 30 North Penn Ave LP on 3/12/2007 for $280,000

111 South Lincoln Place, Dao Can Huy and Dao Huycan and Dao Thanh to Boardwalk & Lincoln LLC on 3/12/2007 for $3,500,000

1036 North Ohio Ave, Chowdhury Nooruddin to Sarder Karim on 3/12/2007 for $305,000

503 North Ohio Avenue, Guerrero Carmen and Montiel Justo to Valdes Marie on 3/13/2007 for $390,000

25 Schooner Court, Johnson Gina M to Flanagan John P and Flanagan Rosemarie on 3/13/2007 for $270,000

3501 Ventnor Ave Unit Ph, Ries Patricia A, /Heir and Ries William to Conover Stephen J and Ladzinski Marianne on 3/13/2007 for $108,000

1105 Baltic Avenue, Deutsche Bank Natl. Tr. Co. and Long Beach Mtg. Loan Tr. 2006-1 and Washington Mutual Bk to Decasablanca Henry O on 3/13/2007 for $104,900

1501 N Michigan Avenue, Santoro Michael to Mitchell Reyna on 3/13/2007 for $265,000

2819 Denny Street, Huang Zhoua Lug and Zhi Huang to Hernandez Brenda and Hernandez Trujillo Adolfo and Trujillo Adolfo Hernandez on 3/13/2007 for $238,000

1737 Grant Avenue, Evangelista Ruthanne to Jones Heather on 3/13/2007 for $179,900

115 N California Ave, Nunez Cleotilde and Tejada Basilia A to Delos Santos Luis and Santos Luis Delos on 3/14/2007 for $380,000

3801 Atlantic Avenue Unit B5, Hamid Sumon to Wright Barry on 3/14/2007 for $146,000

904 Arctic Avenue, 904 Arctic LLC and Baginski Slawomir to Qiu Jiarong on 3/15/2007 for $340,000

112 Pacific Avenue, Betty Simon Tr and Simon Betty,-Tr. and Simon Richard,/Tr. to Spe Realty LLC on 3/15/2007 for $500,000

4307 Atlantic Avenue, Ebjm LLC and Manfredi John to Sacks David and Sacks Olivia on 3/15/2007 for $915,000

1534 C Morris Cain Place, Jefferson Eunice L and Jefferson Family Partnershp LP to Pinkston Kecia on 3/19/2007 for $150,000

1047 N Ohio Ave, Taliaferro Kim and Taliaferro Kim C to Flores Armando, -2nd and Parekh Reema and Shah Nikesh on 3/19/2007 for $125,000

3851 Boardwalk Unit 2110, Friedman Jerome, -ind&atty and Friedman Judith, /Atty. to Marks Robert M on 3/19/2007 for $372,500

3851 Boardwalk Unit 1404, Tarin Jack to Berk Gillman Florence and Gillman Florence Berk and Gillman George on 3/21/2007 for $410,000

3101 Boardwalk #2005-2, Chirlin Jack,/Tr. and Chirlin Zenz,-Tr. and Jack Chirlin Tr to Acl Boardwalk LLC on 3/22/2007 for $706,875

31 No Delancy Place, Serrano Noe to Begum Khatiza on 3/22/2007 for $307,000

12 North Boston Ave, Forth Page to Miah Ikbal on 3/22/2007 for $320,000

2015 Blaine Ave, Colallilo Nicholas and NJC Realty LLC to Uddoullah Mohammad Siraj on 3/22/2007 for $240,000

1724 Hummock Avenue, Beckam Cheryl to Hong Pak U on 3/23/2007 for $137,000

41 South Delancy Place, Mia Mohammed Abu and Mia Muhammad Abu and Uddin Nasir to Begum Nashima and Hossain Soharab on 3/26/2007 for $625,000

3411 Winchester Avenue, Minter Dawn D to Slemmer Kenneth R on 3/27/2007 for $350,000

101 South Raleigh Ave #324, Elder J Clifford and Elder Nancy to Ray Rosalind and Ray Rosemary and Ray Walter I, III and Ray Walter I, Jr. on 3/27/2007 for $299,000

21 North Texas Avenue, Atlantic City Affordable Housing LLC and Mercy Commercial Fin Prop to Chowdhury Nazrul I on 3/27/2007 for $185,000

3 Clipper Court, Pastelaniec Richard J to Palacios Cayetana and Rivera Jefferson and Robles Lisbet on 3/29/2007 for $270,000

3101 Boardwalk #1902-b Tower 1, Rizzo Filippo to Eisenberg Joyce and Eisenberg Ted on 3/29/2007 for $310,000

235 N North Carolina Ave, Carolina Development Group LLC and Procida Mario to Do Hung T and Vo Binh T on 3/30/2007 for $284,500


4600 W Brigantine Ave Unit 505, Williams Carol M, /Atty. and Williams Peter Rex,-Atty. to Davis Jayne A and Davis Stuart B on 3/1/2007 for $595,000

5003 Hackney Place, Gruber Gerard and Mellon & Gruber Inv. Group LLC and Mellon Thomas to Carvell Christopher on 3/1/2007 for $350,000

9 Marc Lane, Hoey Brian R and Hoey Charles I to Crognale Peter on 3/1/2007 for $265,000

60 Sailfish Dr, Sullivan Jody M and Sullivan Thomas J to Forman Eileen J and Forman Steven K on 3/1/2007 for $415,000

5211 Waterview Drive, Henderson Joseph D and Henderson Leona Carole to Rosenberger Gina L on 3/6/2007 for $670,000

519 Lagoon Blvd, Zakhary Aida G to Stoner Michael and Stoner Sharon on 3/6/2007 for $490,000

28 11th St North, Anzalone Natalie H and Anzalone Peter L, /Heir to Carpenter Robert and Carpenter Theresa on 3/7/2007 for $377,500

316 9th Street South, Cunerd Ida Jane, /Heir and Cunerd John C, /Exrx. and Wilkins Maryanne T, -Exrx. to Basile Denise and Basile Joseph on 3/7/2007 for $505,000

2202 Ocean Avenue, RT Properties LLC and Tranovich Thomas to Snyder Lauren G and Snyder Steven T on 3/9/2007 for $2,100,000

3 Ontario Dr Unit B, Allen Charles Dennis, Jr. and Corbin Linda L to Hanley Loretta M and Werden Nancy on 3/9/2007 for $349,900

219 13th Street North, Schultes Edward and Schultes Family Partnershp LP to Snyder Michael S on 3/12/2007 for $800,000

5202 Waterview Drive, Debrodi Lorraine M to Messner Jeffrey P and Messner Lisa on 3/12/2007 for $500,000

42 Lighthouse Drive, Hayes Cynthia A and Hayes Harold W, III to Moylan Alissa and Moylan James F, Jr. on 3/20/2007 for $482,500

214 15th Street, 2101 Ocean Ave LLC and Howard Charles D and Hughes Kevin and Saransoulis Gregory to Rogerson Carina J and Rogerson Craig A on 3/21/2007 for $3,200,000

4800 Harbor Beach Blvd Unit 2304, Metzger Lawrence G to Kohlhepp Dianne and Kohlhepp Thomas J on 3/22/2007 for $675,000

8 Explorer Cove, Fox Gail S,-Tr. and Schreiber Joel,-Tr. and Schreiber Shirley H, -Tr,/Tr. and Shirley H Schreiber Rev. Tr. to Lupinacci Doretta and Lupinacci Luigi on 3/22/2007 for $415,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd #q4, Carroll Tracey to Leiby Barbara and Leiby Charles on 3/27/2007 for $106,000

214 & 218 33rd Street, Voit Steven to Farjht Inc. on 3/29/2007 for $950,000

4500 W Brigantine Ave Unit 1225, Distefano Joseph P and Distefano Linda E to Berger Barbara Rizzo and Berger Paul and Rizzo Berger Barbara on 3/30/2007 for $357,500

Buena Borough

1705 S Central Ave, Federico Richard M and Federico Sherry to Gerardi Enzo on 3/2/2007 for $285,000

502 S Central Ave, Tokarz Dariusz and Tokarz Katarzyna to Lucchesi Paul C, Jr. and Lucchesi Teresa A on 3/5/2007 for $174,000

511 South Brewster Road, Direnzo Vincent J and Direnzo Violanda, /Heir to Melendez Sarah E on 3/7/2007 for $244,000

106 North East Boulevard, Baez Jorge and Baez Maria, /Atty. and Widgon Denise,-Atty. to Reid Keshia J on 3/13/2007 for $185,000

113 West Arbor Dr, Viano Edward, Jr. and Viano Gladys, /Heir to Dapp Laura A and Dapp Richard W on 3/22/2007 for $180,000

616 Forest Grove Road, Brown Steven C to Garofalo Brian and Holton Melanie on 3/22/2007 for $128,000

104 & 106 E Arbor Avenue, Ramos Ernesto and Ramos Milagro to Motta Jesus C on 3/27/2007 for $115,000

702 West Summer Road, Jerrell Vivian to Depasquale Anthony C and Depasquale Gina on 3/28/2007 for $85,000

Buena Vista Twp

373 Route 54, Barbara E Bowers LLC and Vansciver Robert to Jamel LLC on 3/8/2007 for $400,000

528 Cains Mill Road, Cruz Isabel Rosario and Rosario Cruz Isabel to Alexander Daniel P and Alexander Joy on 3/8/2007 for $145,000

144 Fursin Ave, Guzman Meylin and Sykes Gene to Capille Timothy A, Jr. on 3/8/2007 for $154,000

227 Lincoln Ave, Day Lisa G and Upson Lisa M and Upson Richard D to Sykes Gene on 3/15/2007 for $299,000

650 Jackson Road, Porretta Enterpries LLC and Porretta Peter to Hunter Pines Const LLC on 3/16/2007 for $140,000

203 E Hanover Road, Coucill Delight D and D Coucill LLC and Novicke Lisa to Vasser Mary T on 3/20/2007 for $114,000

110 Cedar Lake Dr, Vanacker Jamie R, Sr. to Vanacker Sean C on 3/22/2007 for $194,000

1306 Harding Highway, Sikking Arnold J to Hardin Delbert and Hardin Patricia on 3/22/2007 for $175,000

531 Wildwood Avenue, Ocwen Loan Serv LLC and United States Of America Va to Williams Jason M on 3/28/2007 for $164,000

402 Woodlawn Ave, Dalessio Catherine Ann, -Exrx. and Dambrosio Catherine, /Exrx. and Dambrosio Donato, /Heir to Sharpe Joshua on 3/28/2007 for $192,100

500r Landis Avenue, Bermudez Ezekial and Bermudez Norma to Patel Ashok R and Patel Taral on 3/29/2007 for $285,000

Corbin City

104 Carl Rd, Ciampi Vincent to Sobansky Sharon on 3/8/2007 for $255,000

433 Godfrey Lane, Martinelli Stephen C and McCreesh Ryan P and Peifer J David to Brown William A, III and Modular Builders LLC on 3/22/2007 for $73,200

433 Godfrey Lane, Brown William A, III and Modular Builders LLC to Jones Carla J on 3/22/2007 for $190,200

Egg Harbor City

842 Philadelphia Ave, Juilco Holding LLC and Stroligo Richard to Atlantic County Council Education Assn. Inc. on 3/1/2007 for $575,000

Egg Harbor Twp

3021 Ridge Ave, Boyd Christine C and Boyd Robert L to Fisher John H on 3/1/2007 for $169,000

17 Morning Glory Court, Chiara Homes LLC and Cocelli Louis J, Jr. to Rongo Robert on 3/1/2007 for $465,000

13 Morning Glory Court, Chiara Homes LLC and Cocelli Louis J, Jr. to Thomas Lola on 3/1/2007 for $489,087

4 Standish Rd, Signature Homes at Reega Estates LLC and Signature Homes Inc. to Matute Katherine P on 3/1/2007 for $452,723

5 Standish Road, Signature Homes at Reega Estates LLC and Signature Homes Inc. to Le Linh T and Trang Dan T on 3/1/2007 for $343,488

10 Standish Rd, Signature Homes at Reega Estates LLC and Signature Homes Inc. to Hersh Amy M and Hersh Jeffrey R on 3/2/2007 for $399,259

18 Tower Ave, Cohn Sanford and Cohn Shari to Smith Marian King and Smith Troy on 3/2/2007 for $295,000

36 Jackson Drive, Coveney Julie A and Coveney Terence to Steidelman Louis M, III on 3/2/2007 for $355,000

108 Offshore Rd, Chen Hong Yan and Chen Xiaoyu to Cassaday Rebecca on 3/2/2007 for $330,000

7 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Rivera Olga I on 3/5/2007 for $289,490

2504 Ivins Ave, Canuso John B, Jr. and Tradition Homes at PW LLC to Hossain Shahadat on 3/5/2007 for $318,000

2502 Ivins Avenue, Caruso John B, Jr. and Tradition Homes at PW LLC to Fiaz Mohammad and Irshad Sehar on 3/5/2007 for $309,280

107 Cherry Drive, Willan Elizabeth E and Willan Gerard L to Cross Carley S and Cross Matthew W on 3/5/2007 for $370,000

512 Delaware Ave, Max Gurwicz & Son Inc. to Bzdewka Todd M on 3/5/2007 for $395,000

1 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Petronis John S and Petronis Susan A on 3/6/2007 for $278,640

19 Poppy Road, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Appleget Harold F and Appleget Joan C on 3/6/2007 for $265,000

18 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Perfetti C Charles on 3/6/2007 for $306,010

5 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Krehely Mary T and Krehely Robert A on 3/6/2007 for $273,040

8 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Josephsen Fred H and Josephsen Mildred S on 3/6/2007 for $270,740

19 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Casey Mary Lou and Lynch James F on 3/6/2007 for $239,990

3059 Ocean Heights Ave, Convery Investments Inc. to New Jersey State Marina LLC on 3/6/2007 for $2,550,000

117 Crystal Lake Dr, Somerset Lakes LLC and Zucker Raphael to Vondoehren Lee T and Vondoehren Mary Ann on 3/7/2007 for $410,745

198 Steelmanville Road, Josephsen Fred H and Josephsen Mildred S to Campanale Mary Beth and Campanale Nicholas J on 3/7/2007 for $308,000

4026 Ivins Avenue, Francis Dorothy and Francis John E to Xie Jin H on 3/7/2007 for $272,000

675 Zion Road, Ganiel Richard to Domantovskiy Mikhail A on 3/8/2007 for $360,000

10 Country Magnolia Lane, Angso Wilfredo V and Azagra Arcie P and Peralta Arcie to Wagner Nicole L on 3/8/2007 for $160,000

207 Fisler Avenue, Oglesby Carolyn and Oglesby Charles to Demarco Elaine A on 3/9/2007 for $232,000

119 Bonita Drive, Mocker Beulah Mae and Mocker Daniel K to Willan Elizabeth E on 3/9/2007 for $285,000

3061 Ivins Avenue, Lopez Ivelisse and Ruiz Miguel to Krauss Michael A and Nguyen Quynh on 3/12/2007 for $425,000

3 Brandywine Court, Smith Marian King and Smith Troy to Brown Jennifer L on 3/12/2007 for $255,000

201 Harvard Road, NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes NJ to Krauss Christina B and Redner Daniel K on 3/12/2007 for $296,719

5 Thornhill Drive, Signature Homes at Reega Estates LLC and Signature Homes Inc. to NVR Inc. on 3/12/2007 for $103,500

207 West Plaza Place, Price Tordella Deborah, -Exrx. and Schou David T, /Exrx. and Tordella Deborah Price, -Exrx. to Price Hedvig and Price Michael T on 3/13/2007 for $250,000

213 Westgate Road, Baker Residential Penn LLC to Monsanto Ninfa and Monsanto Vicente on 3/13/2007 for $351,060

5 Hartford Drive, Alliance at Wellington LLC and Kirkenir John H to Vanhettinga Arlene and Vanhettinga Gary on 3/13/2007 for $493,337

27 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Mayer Eileen E and Mingen Elizabeth V on 3/13/2007 for $262,740

360 Sunflower Drive, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Peterson Edward H, Jr. and Peterson Patricia M on 3/13/2007 for $276,460

309 Blossom Circle, Falteisek Kristi M and Falteisek Michael to Hartman Dolores M on 3/13/2007 for $360,000

235 London Ct, Evans Susan M,-Atty. and Sebren Lottie M, /Atty. and Sebren Warner L, Sr., /Atty. to Devinney Robert on 3/13/2007 for $132,900

12 Hemlock Drive, Visosky Esther to Kelly John P and Kelly Meta E on 3/13/2007 for $166,700

2 Diamond Drive, Schor Gary and Stormy Weather Inv LLC and Stormy Weather LLC to Sanelli Carolyn and Sanelli Joseph E on 3/14/2007 for $298,000

152 Crystal Lake Drive, Somerset Lakes LLC and Zucker Raphael to Catona Christina and Catona Dave on 3/14/2007 for $394,900

6312 Black Horse Pike, Myers Daniel A and Super Self Storage Atlantic City LLC to Ss Black Horse Pike LLC on 3/14/2007 for $4,500,000

16a Oxford Village, Miller Donna and Miller Howard to Dejesus Doris on 3/15/2007 for $146,000

214 Shires Way, Lashkari Afshien and Lashkari Shane to Lashkari Babak Bobby on 3/15/2007 for $300,000

14 Pierce Road, Meltzer David and Meltzer Esther to Blythe Price Dorothy and Farinelli Remo G, Sr. and Price Dorothy Blythe on 3/15/2007 for $310,000

303 Longport Blvd Unit C 27, Popovich Stephen M to Byrne Margaret on 3/16/2007 for $150,000

206 Newark Avenue, Shore Management Co. Delaware Valley Inc. to Black Bearetta and Black Leroy on 3/19/2007 for $225,000

28a Oxford Village, Tran Lieu to Dattilo Gino F and Dattilo Janet R and Dattilo Maria C on 3/19/2007 for $141,000

321 Dogwood Avenue, Brooks Janice L and Brooks Joseph J to Casale Lori A on 3/19/2007 for $327,000

8012 English Creek Ave, Demedici Reis Rosemarie and Reis Rosemarie Demedici to Demedici Phillip A on 3/20/2007 for $320,000

303 Franklin Ave, Davis Brian and Davis Peppe to Chowdhury Mustakun N on 3/20/2007 for $279,900

106 Seaside Avenue, Harrington Doris M and Harrington Robert W, /Heir to Harris James W, II and Harris Nicole B on 3/21/2007 for $255,000

111 Douglas Ave, Berge Richard to Severt Linda J on 3/21/2007 for $175,000

303 Longport Blvd Unit D-23, Fresta Greg, -Exr and Fresta Joseph, /Exr and Fresta Mona, -Exr and Stephan Roger K to Brunni Peter on 3/21/2007 for $170,000

130 Crystal Lake Dr, Somerset Lakes LLC and Zucker Rahpael to Sodano Gennaro and Sodano Maria on 3/21/2007 for $389,800

351 Sunflower Drive, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Milhan Floyd R and Milhan Peggy A on 3/21/2007 for $282,340

104 Daphne Road, Shealy Susan A and Shipp Rex T and Shipp Susan A to Ricevuto Marianne M on 3/22/2007 for $430,000

246 London Court, Steet Michele and Steet Stephen to Campbell Daniel T on 3/23/2007 for $172,000

358 Sunflower Drive, DR Horton Inc. to Gay Judith A and Gay Waver James on 3/23/2007 for $284,890

107 Park Avenue, Imperatore Nichole to Stinson Gary M on 3/26/2007 for $252,500

332 Superior Road, Archer Ronald, /Atty. and Johnson Mary, -Atty. to Smith Carleen L and Supp David M on 3/26/2007 for $303,500

30 Thornhill Drive, Signature Homes at Reega Estates LLC to NVR Inc. on 3/26/2007 for $103,500

4021 Ridge Ave, Akhtar Mahbuba to Akhtar Mahmuda on 3/27/2007 for $355,000

22 Hartford Drive, Alliance at Wellington LLC and Kirkenir John H to Tomassetti Karla and Tomassetti Valentino Lenny on 3/27/2007 for $612,500

506 St Thomas Dr, Vale Belma and Vale Nonilon to Villanueva Berta and Villanueva Miguel A on 3/27/2007 for $290,000

362 Sunflower Drive, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Shannon Geraldine on 3/27/2007 for $251,540

31 Marigold Circle, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Schwartz Joseph L and Schwartz Teresa M on 3/27/2007 for $268,090

4 Allison Place, Mangam Andrew C and Mangam Michelle C to Jungblut Melissa A on 3/28/2007 for $199,000

105 Ohio Ave, Riccio Carl and Riccio Patricia to Smith Erika on 3/28/2007 for $250,000

306 Shires Way, Chontos Diane R and Chontos Joseph E to Mangam Andrew C and Mangam Michelle C on 3/28/2007 for $299,000

6 Lenape Drive, Van Riper Nancy to Kakoyannis Jennifer and Morgan Robert A, Jr. on 3/30/2007 for $250,000

352 Sunflower Drive, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Marchese Jaqueline and Marchese Paul H on 3/30/2007 for $274,850

Estell Manor

116 Cape May Ave, Rumeli Nic,-Atty. and Truex Meyers & Truex LLC to Robinson Colleen M and Robinson Roy L, Jr. on 3/19/2007 for $104,821


313 East Collings Drive, Golini Lynn A, -Admr. and Kelly Richard J, /Admr. to Reeder Michael B on 3/8/2007 for $185,000

304 East Collings Dr, Buondonno Dawn M and Piccone Joel N to Grindlinger Ira H and Grindlinger Sandra E on 3/21/2007 for $252,000

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