Ruchi Chowdhary

Owner/Director, Mokshaa Dance Academy

Ruchi Chowdhary, 33, a graduate of Stockton College, is the owner/director of Mokshaa Dance Academy. Ruchi dreamt of and built this unique Bollywood-fusion dance school in her hometown of Galloway in 2007. With a handful of students, an immense passion for the art of dance, some hard work and dedication, Ruchi has expanded this school to more than 10 locations across New Jersey and Pennsylvania and has taught more than 3,000 students the art of Bollywood dance. Through her craft, she has been a role model for many of her Mokshaa “babies.” Internships and assistant teaching programs created by Ruchi within the Mokshaa community have given many students the chance to become leaders and role models. Besides her school, she is also heavily involved in social work in her surrounding communities. Using the school as a platform, she aims to teach and spread the Indian culture not only among South Asians, but also throughout the tri-state area.