Ryan Parker

Certified Dog Trainer, Animal Control Officer and Kennel Attendant, Humane Society of Ocean City

Ryan Parker is a certified dog trainer, animal control officer and kennel attendant at the Humane Society of Ocean City. His love for animals and his drive to better understand animal behavior are his primary motivations. As a proud member of the selfless and dedicated staff at the no-kill adoption center — whose motto is “providing the highest level of compassion and service to our animal friends” — he provides individualized care to stray, surrendered and abandoned pets awaiting “forever homes,” as well as rescue services for stray or injured domestic animals and wildlife. He is a first responder for animal-cruelty reports in support of the organization’s certified investigators. Ryan is currently pursuing a degree in psychology at Atlantic Cape Community College. His goal is to use his knowledge of animal behavior to help humanity better understand its four-legged counterparts and improve the lives of pets as well as owners within our community and the world over.