Atlantic County 4 H Fair

A mud puddle left over from a heavy rain just added to the fun at the fair Sunday for Ryder Rabush, 1, of the Sweetwater section of Mullica Township.

We'll take a few lumps before a reward of a dry summer weekend as a low pressure system, enhanced by what the system in the Gulf of Mexico, brings storms late Thursday into Friday.

On the thermometer, Thursday will not start off much different than Wednesday. However, when you factor in the dew point, then it's a changed story. Dew points will be at or just above 70, in the sticky category. Sorry for your hair out there...

A trough, or area of low pressure, will arrive in from the Great Lakes. Given the counter-clockwise spin of low pressure, that puts us in a southerly flow and that means the humidity stays with us during the day. Morning sunshine will give way to afternoon clouds. 

The one thing to note, Thursday will have plenty of time for any outdoor activities or work. As a cold front nears, storms will start up between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., from west to east. This will then continue into the evening, but largely tapering off after midnight.

I still believe severe weather does not occur. However, we will tap into a little piece of what may be Tropical Storm Barry in the Gulf of Mexico. This will enhance our moisture and bring pockets of road, stream or creek flooding to those of you who sit under a heavy thunderstorm. 

The surface front will pass on Friday morning, and westerly winds bring some drying but some moisture and energy will still remain aloft. I tend to believe that a vast majority of Friday will be dry. However, a shower or storm could flare up in the morning (due to the front) or afternoon (since that's typically when we see summer storms). Otherwise, highs will top out around 90 on a west wind, even at the shore.

I can lump the weekend into one sentence - Hot and rain-free. It'll be a perfect weekend to hit the water! An offshore breeze keeps the sand toasty, but water temperatures in the 70s will cool you off. There will be the potential for our 2nd heat wave of the season, as mainland and even shore high temperatures stay at or just above 90. Overnight lows will be 65-75, coolest out in Corbin City and the Pine Barrents. The Night in Venice parade will be Saturday evening (look for me there as a boat judge!) and it'll be some of the best weather you can find for it. Plus, the waters should stay calm, too.

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