Partly sunny Avalon Summer

Earth will again cooperate with our summer weekends in South Jersey. The showers and storms will turn off as the work week turns into the weekend, providing us with another good Saturday and Sunday for the shore areas.

The thunderstorms from Thursday night will be over by 4 a.m. at the latest. Otherwise, we will be seeing partial clearing as a front passes through. It'll still be a sticky morning, though, with dew points around 70 and air temperatures around there, too.

Temperatures will rise and the dew points will fall into the day, though. We should be partly sunny for much of the day. However, a long cold front will slowly move through during the afternoon. I believe between 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. a rouge storm will pass through. However, most, if not all of you will enjoy an improving day weather wise, and one good for all outdoor activities. It will be hot, with highs reaching 90.

As our neck of the woods fills back up on Friday night, a beautiful evening will be in store. Temperatures will fall through the 80s with lowering humidity. By Saturday morning, lows will be in the mid to upper 60s.

Saturday and Sunday will be under the influence of a drying northwesterly wind. Both day will bright and blue and wonderful for just about anything under the South Jersey summer sun. High temperatures, on the land-breeze will be warm, topping out around 90 degrees, even at the shore before afternoon sea-breezes cool it down some.

I'll call the humidity levels average for this time of year. You'll feel it, but it won't be that unbearable. Overnight lows will be between 65-75. If we do reach 90 at Atlantic City International Airport on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it will be our second heat wave of the year.

We then turn the corner into the work week, which will start off refreshing Monday. A cold front will pass late Sunday and that will reinforce our northwesterly flow, sending it another shot of dry air. Monday sit in the low 80s with an almost crisp feel into the air.

High pressure will move quickly offshore. Warmer air will build back in and we'll get close to 90 on the mainland, while Atlantic City and the shore get in the mid-80s on that salty summer breeze. 

Lastly, if you're wondering about Barry, we'll get into its then remnants sometimes at the end of next week. Usually, these are just scattered areas of storms, juiced with heavy rain from the tropical moisture. 

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