On July 4, people enjoyed the weather and cooled off on the beach in the Downbeach area. Although it may not have been the driest summer on record, the absence of any major hurricanes made it easy to enjoy the season. On the New Haven beach, beach goers are enjoying the hot sun, little breeze, and cool surf. 2018

The thermometer will flirt with 90 degrees for much of the next seven days, though only one round of tropical downpours Thursday night will be the only big damper on this forecast.

I'd call Tuesday night into Wednesday morning borderline on having the windows opened while sleeping. That'll continue into the morning as well. However, you will definitely want to turn it on once the sun really starts rising into the sky. 

The weather map plays out like this - high pressure will be slowly drifting offshore. Moisture has been surging into the Plains over the past couple of days but still stay to our west. Meanwhile, the wildfire in Alberta that brought a hazy sky to us Tuesday may continue into Wednesday.

What does that mean for us? A hot day, though the humidity will not be at sticky levels like over the week. Afternoon high temperatures will range from the low 90s on the mainland to even a 90 degree reading at the shore. The sand will be burning on the beach, making the 70 something water temperature that much more sweeter under a mostly sunny sky.

The dew points will be more noticeable on Wednesday night. The evening will be good for the BBQ, pool or outdoor work, sliding through the 80s. Overnight, temperatures will bottom out between 70-75.

Thursday morning will again start off with sunshine. Clouds will build during the afternoon. Low pressure will funnel in that moisture, borrowing also from a tropical disturbrance moving west in the Gulf of Mexico.

Most of your day will be fine for whatever outdoor activities you need or want to do. Summer camps will not be brought inside from the rain. Highs will be in the mid-to upper 80s, right around seasonable. 

Showers and storms will begin between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. What likely will happen will be multiple lines of storms will come through, ending between 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. While severe weather should hold to our west, torrential downpours will be possible in any storm. Like mentioned in the last column, localized 4 inch amounts will not be ruled out, bringing stream, creek and road flooding to those isolated areas. Otherwise, it'll be feeling more like Sanibel Island than Sea Isle City, with overnight lows in the mid-70s.

That low pressure, and associated front, does look to clear by Friday morning. Still, though, lingering mid level moisture and energy will be around. An isolated shower or storm during the afternoon will be around on what otherwise will be a good day for the outdoors. Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s.

We'll then be looking forward to great weekend. Dry weather will be expected both days. Mornings start between 65-75 and afternoons rise to 85-90, with a few low 90s in towns like Egg Harbor City and Woodbine. All drenched under plentiful sunshine. Hit the shore!

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