Rain and Sun

Tuesday will start off much differently than how it will end, weather wise. The stormy weather will go away for a couple of days, but a developing low pressure system threatens to bring a coastal collision for Thursday.

We will still be tracking a line of storms to come across through 6 a.m. These storms likely stay sub-severe but heavy downpours will be a real threat, as the atmosphere is loaded with tropical moisture. Areas of roadway flooding will be a concern early in the day.

Then, between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., the rain will sharply come to an end, as a cold front sweeps through. There will be plenty of dry air with this system. In fact, it was pretty cool to track the back edge of the clouds on Monday. So, shortly after the rain ends, the sun will be back.

A strong southwest, switching to northwest, wind will blow on Tuesday. The afternoon will be warm and comfortable, as highs reach around 80 degrees. The sun will splash on down.

Going into the evening, it'll be crisp and fairly similar to Saturday night. Temperatures quickly drop through the 70s during the evening under the clear sky and lightening winds. We should be in the 60s by midnight and then bottom out around 55-60 by Wednesday morning. If you will be sleeping at night, it'll be a good one for the windows opened. 

Wednesday will then see high pressure pass right through the state. Winds will go from northwest to calm and then easterly. That easterly wind will bring a comfortably cool day for mid-June standards. Highs will be in the low to mid-70s. It'll be nearly perfect for our first public high school graduations during the evening. 

The humidity and cloud cover will be on the rise Wednesday night, though. When the cold front passes on Tuesday morning. There will still be a piece of moisture located in the Deep South. That rises north on Wednesday night. 

Winds will pick up out of the southeast and rain looks to start between 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. The rain will turn steady for the morning, with a few thunderstorms likely as well. You'll need the rain gear and take a few extra minutes driving on the roads.

The rain then tapers off midday. For the afternoon, there'll be some sunshine, but an approaching cold front will touch off afternoon thunderstorms. If we break for enough sun, enough juice will be present for severe weather. 

Regardless, the afternoon will not be a washout. By the evening, the storms will be over. This will give way to a dry, sunny (perfect for our earlier sunrise of the year), nearly on target mid-June day. Afternoon highs will be in the upper 70s.

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